I honestly never thought Id have a post like this, and it seems like this week has been one of firsts.  Firstly I championed Windows7themes.net and gave them the thumbs up for being of open mind (amongst other Windows sites) and now I find myself championing a user who has challenged OpenBytes not only with a reasoned and intelligent counter, but more importantly did so without being vulgar.  The user in question is Aaron.  If he had a site I would champion it and refer you to it.  Since the only details I have are that of a single name, thats the best I can do.  Aaron is different to the many who have challenged this site, he actually had a point and whilst I stand firmly by my opinions on the debate, I can actually see where he is coming from aswell.  Where do you stand?  Please read the thread and make your own mind up.

So what did Aaron challenge?  He challenged the implication of the title “Windows dedicated site to try Linux” and the implication he drew from the first few lines of the article.    The whole thread of comments is excellent (if you ignore the childishness by Joel) and I would ask that you read the entire exchange.


So now you’ve done that, the only questions that remain unanswered are those from Chaks and the allegations Marshalus has made towards me (along with the Tin Hat comment) he knows where I am, he’s welcome to comment or email anytime.  In regards to the other Neowin reporter, I was appalled that someone who identifies themselves on Twitter as a Neowin reporter would use vulgarity for any reason, and since I cant believe that Neowin would want to be associated with that type of behaviour I will be bringing this up with Neowin site.

As I said before, its safe to say that we wont get a response from Chaks, so his justification will remain unanswered.

The interesting (and maybe encouraging thing) about all of this is that regardless of if their using of Linux is officially sanctioned by Neowin or simply a hobby, theres two Neowin reporters (one an editor) twittering about Linux.  My challenge in regards to openSUSE still stands, not only because it was an incorrect implication, but I want to know why out of all the distros a mainly Windows/Microsoft reporter would choose, he would select OpenSUSE.  I also would like to know which reporters get the freebies or review copies/models and what procedure is in place to ensure that they are infact returned or given away.  Is it unreasonable?  Again, Ill let you be the judge.

Neowin has increased my daily hits, since WordPress logs links in.  For that I thank them.  Accountable reporting and presenting of information is what Im after.  Its what we all should be after, and something which I think is reasonable if we are to expect people to hold any worth in what we say.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com