A chat with Marshalus – Neowins editor responds (again)

Or/ Marshalus responds about everything except that which was asked of him

I really didnt think the debate with the Neowin editor Marshalus would rattle on so long.  We’d got past Chaks’s OpenSUSE implication, since it is obvious to anyone who does use linux, that theres no magic beans within OpenSUSE that gives it features that no other distro has.

We are all aware that weve had Marshalus behaving badly and a refusal to appologize, and we’ve gone past that, so it was very interesting that out of the blue and without any prompting from me, Marshalus decided to post  which IMO was a provokative one, either to be funny (which is wasnt) or try to be clever.   Whilst this actually spawned a decent debate and valid points from Aaron, as you will see by the Twitter quotes from Marshalus, IMO the same could not be said for one of the editors of Neowin.

Without further ado, heres Marshalus in all his debating glory. These are a selection, I ask you to look at them in context to judge for yourself:


“Dude, I’ve been using Linux for a long time and run many Linux servers at work. Even Neowin runs on CentOS servers.”

Great, nice to hear, but I never suggested otherwise.  This was not my question to you.

And seriously, give this whole business about Microsoft gifts a rest. I have not received anything from Microsoft, in 12+ years”

This was one of his tamer comments and to me the strangest.  I had never suggested otherwise.  All I wanted to know was where the “review units” ended up and what the procedure was to ensure that they were indeed “given away” or “returned” I neither implied nor suggested that Marshalus recieved incentives for anything.

I wrote a “mini review” of Ubuntu 8.10 on Neowin praising the ease of the 3G teathering with, of all things, a WM phone!”

Very nice, but how is this relevant to anything Ive put to you.  Infact the only impartiality suggestion Ive made was towards Chaks (due to his implication about OpenSUSE.

I’ll apologize for the tin foil comment when you stop trying to trash every Microsoft blogger and libel Neowin and its reporters.”

This particular comment Ive challenged him numerous times on and never got an answer.  He refuses to quote anything Ive said that this refers to.  A simple look at this site will see that the allegation I trash every Microsoft blogger is a lie and Ive already cited to him Joe Wilcox, Jess Meats, Win7obs, Window7themes.net as a few examples which highlight that IMO dishonest allegation.  Marshalus I can cite more and would be happy to do so if you wish.

BTW, you calling me immature gave me a good laugh this morning. I think you for that.”

Im glad he found this funny, since I thought his tin hat comment was immature, especially for someone who is representing themselves on Twitter as a Neowin editor.  Do you see Joe Wilcox or Mary-Jo Foley acting this way? Of course not!  This to me doesnt bode well for how seriously he takes the concept of polite conversation.

And I told you, to the members in contests, giveaways, etc.”

Now atleast with this answer he was actually refering to something I said (not trying to claim I said he was recieving free gift)  this comment was in relation to where the review units go, however he still hasnt answered what exactly are the destination of “giveaways” and what procedure does Neowin have in place to ensure this in not abused?

Sure, you speak out of one side of your mouth with “praise” and then spout outlandish claims from the other. Give it a rest…

I again asked him to justify his previous allegation against me (and quote me) the above answer was all I got.


Was the next response.  How professional from our Neowin reporter, although I put it to him that he cares since if you look at Twitter you will see how many replies he’s made.

Actually @RebelSean was exactly right in saying I’ve given you more publicity then you deserve.”

And now our intrepid editor seeks to cheapen.  I say again, how many professional sites staff act in this way?  Rebelsean is another Neowin staff member, who Im in the process of complaining about to the Neowin site for his use of vulgar language on a twitter account that associates him as being a Neowin reporter.

I’m shaking in my boots. Have a nice day!”

I assure readers Im not making this up, the above was actually said by Marshalus of Neowin.  It was in respect of me telling him that I was taking screen dumps and going to write an article on his behaviour.

“You act as if you’re some authority that must be replied to by all.”

Only when you throw accusations at me and refuse to back them up.  If you remember it was you becoming involved in me challenging Chaks that led us here.

“I honestly don’t have time to pick apart every statement you make, you obviously do.”

I repeated my request for Marshalus to quote me to back up any of the claims he was making.  He replied with the above.  Strange then that he had time to make so many twitter remarks at me but not enough for a simple copy and paste of one of my comments.

Your continued accusations that we’re taking freebies from Microsoft.”

He continues to claim that about me, yet it was him who states that they recieve them.  If Neowin is not paying to recieve “review units” then they are freebies are they not?  If what he says is true about them giving some of them away in competitions etc, then they have worth because any competition will bring interest to a site will it not?

“BTW, I hardly ever test new operating systems in VMs, Ubuntu got installed on a HP Compaq 8510p and a Dell Latitude X”

Interesting, but not relevant to anything Ive asked you.

“I wouldn’t Twitter it if I didn’t want the world to see it. I don’t “accidentally” delete anything.”

This was in relation to me taking screen dumps to record conversations for future posting correctly.  I didnt suggest Marshalus would delete anything.  Again, Im not quite what he’s reading.

You’ve gone a long way to take what I’ve said out of context, and I’m done giving you ammo.”

So didnt he quote evidence of this once?  He’s had plenty of opportunity and spent a considerable time twitting back.

It goes on, and one.  See them in context over at Twitter.

I dont intend to run much more on Marshalus (unless of course he wants to quote me)

Whatever your view on this conversation, ask yourself is this the way an editor of an allegedly professional site behave?  Look at examples of other pro sites.  Do you see those editors or reporters behaving like this?

The motives, and experiences of Marshalus are accademic since those were not the questions I put to him.  Please check back and see that I have made no statement in regards to Marshalus except the one about him coming to the aid of Chaks when he couldnt answer.  My only issues with Marshalus now are awaiting the appology for the “tin hat” comment and justification of the allegations he made towards me.

I doubt I will get these.

However it seem like Marshalus is confused in that he believes I am either challenging his IT integrity or him recieving free gifts.  I am not and if he hadnt tried to help chaks when he made his silly implication, chances are Id never have even spoken to Marshalus in the first place.  I have never followed Marshalus on twitter, he was of no interest to me (said without offence being meant)

Ill leave you with words from the Neowin site themselves:

“We try and present a balanced view of all different operating system, software and hardware technologies. Sometimes, we cover some topics more than others… there is nothing intentional or underhanded about it, it’s just what happens to be in the news and be of interest to our writers.

So what was:


“Hope I can tweet this without making The FOSS Goblin mad… Playing some more with Ubuntu 9.04 beta.”

I read your blog entry, seriously, take your tinfoil hat off and settle down. There is no evil Microsoft conspiracy at Neowin.

Is this the balanced view? or “nothing underhanded”?

Since Ive given up expecting you to respond to previous requests, I have but one question:

Marshalus, I understand you are the editor, but is Neowin actually your site? or are you simply another employee? (albeit an editor)

Maybe you could see your way to answer that one.  In the meantime, youve made some reference to some questions you have for me in your Twitter, Im not quite sure what you are asking and request either you post here (so that you have more space to explain) or send an email and I will respond.  You seem to be suggesting about a link on a previous article, which linked to a comment made by you.  Im more than happy to respond, but lets have the question clear and I can give the answers a seperate article in both the interests of clarity and fairness.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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