CHAKKARADEEP – Right of reply?

I wont dwell on the whole fiasco which Chaks and his half knowledge caused for himself.  Suffice to say Ive given him enough time to reply, and really the only reply to my question was a block of my Twitter being able to view his.  As I said before, I have friends which are on his twitter (I dont believe in abusing any system and creating multiple accounts unlike some Microsoft supporters – no names mentioned) so next time Chaks posts one of his “facts” he can be challenged appropriately by them (as in the case of Andre, when he posts his next piece of PR)

The only response Chaks has made (which even if your Twitter has been blocked, you can still read on his websites RSS feed, or simply logout) is:

“Nice that Twitter has a ‘block’ tool, now I can block SPAMMERS,you know who I mean! :)”

Yep Chaks, we know who you mean, although your definition of “Spam” just like your other tech knowledge is rather lacking.   I think a spammer to Chaks is anyone who challenges one of his silly remarks and he cant answer (afterall I gave him plenty of time to do so)

So theres Chaks for you, our Neowin reporter.  Heres some links for him, which you can keep an eye on yourself.  Windows or Linux user (or indeed Mac) please see the previous shenanigans of Chaks to see how impartial and informed this “reporter” really is.

Chakkaradeep Twitter:

Chakkaradeep Website

or the site he “manages”:

or see him over on Neowin!

If anyone reading this does enter into conversation with this person, maybe you can get him to justify his OpenSUSE implication.  Or maybe find out if he is another user who recieves “freebies” and where he “gives them away”

In the meantime, he’s blocked Goblin, and I think thats another dubious poster exposed!  Ill end on a slightly humorous note, we all know and love Andre Da Costa, another user who decided to block when he couldnt answer questions?   It appears even he has had trouble with the Neowin site and its reporters:

“My case was deleted by a Moderator, I have moved on anyway, its in the past. But NeoWin needs to be open to criticism.”

Now this was good, firstly because when Andre is challenged he simply moves on, but secondly because Neowin comes to light again because it doesnt seem to want to acknoledge criticism.  What a great site.  Now, who from Neowin wants to answer where all the freebies go?  Who are they given to?

Ill close this case since there wont be an answer.  How can there be?  Theres no justification for Chaks incorrect comments or behaviour (and Marshalus’s come to think of it)

We have had the revelation that Neowin recieves “freebies” which they have to give away, but no disclosure as to who or where.  Until this information is forthcoming I would hope people keep it in mind if they visit the site.  What gifts does Chaks recieve? Who knows but its pretty accademic since when he posts incorrect and misleading posts it matters not the motive, they are still incorrect.



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