Wine 1.1.19 – released 10/04/09

Im sure every Linux user is aware of the replacement API software that gives Linux users the ability to run Windows binaries (and in doing so the best of both worlds)  Im sure readers are already aware that there are many Windows packages that run through Wine/Linux faster than they do through native windows.

It is always a good day when the Wine developers release a new version (in this case a development release) and this one is no exception (see end of text for brief summary of updates)  Currently the stable release is 1.0.1, although from personal experience, Ive had no stability issues from any of the dev releases Ive installed.

Visit the downloads page to get the latest version:

Check out the announcement and bug fix file here:

In summary (from the site) the features in 1.1.19 include:

 - Support for Visual C++ project files in winemaker.
 - Improvements to the Esound driver.
 - Many Direct3D code cleanups.
 - Fixes to OLE clipboard handling.
 - OpenBSD compilation fixed.
 - Various bug fixes.

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