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Despite its name, welcomes alternative viewpoints.  For that reason, like WindowsObserver, it gets the thumbs up from OpenBytes.
Despite its name, welcomes alternative viewpoints. For that reason, like WindowsObserver, it gets the thumbs up from OpenBytes.

Just as I would challenge any site which engages in one sided promotion of a company under the guise of being impartial, I must also champion sites that dont.  In the past Ive celebrated sites such as WindowsObserver, who whilst is mainly focused around Microsoft products, they are quite happy to speak about and debate alternatives.

As Ive said many times, its presenting options that is important to me and if the end result is that the user still uses Windows then thats fine, since its as a result of an informed choice.

So without further ado, its only fair I mention who have acknoledged and published my post and been quite happy to enter into the spirit of debate.  Thats all Im after.   I could care less what people use (as long as its best suited to them), however I do think that people who present information on the Net as fact and produce sites that offer said information to the public, need to be accountable and able to justify the reasons for doing so.  I dont think its unfair to say that there are many readers of these sites that will be influenced by what they read.

Thats why Im more than happy to answer any questions put to me, thats why I dont moderate any comments here but most importantly I stand by everything I say and when I recieve a pleasant surprise (like in the case of Windows7themes) I am more than happy to champion it, no matter what their opinion is.

Maybe if NeoWin reporters hadnt acted (IMO) in such a childish way (with Tin hat and FOSS lover comments) they wouldnt have appeared here and also been highlighted on BoycottNovell?

Anyway I digress, thank you Oliver Steinmetz, thank you for allowing fair debate on your site and thank you for your honesty in the products you have used and your reasoning.  I hope Windows/Linux/Mac/other users will keep this in mind and visit the site, which despite its name seems to welcome anyone.

I wish I could do more posts like this one.  I get no joy in having to argue with a site or its staff just to try and get them to be more accountable to the people they serve, or have to put up with insults merely because I dare to suggest that when it comes to IT there can be diverse opinion and products other than Microsoft.

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