Right of reply: Marshalus from Neowin – Wheres Chaks?

Ive had a discussion with Marshalus from NeoWin.  Its only fair that I now report on a few things in relation to that.

Firstly there is a blog comment made on the 10th March 2009 where a user called Marshalus has asked about BEos.  This is not the real Marshalus from Neowin, however its pretty accademic since that wasnt the point of the post.

I hope its clear from the previous article that post was geared towards the user Chaks and his choice of OpenSUSE (being a Windows reporter) in addition his implication of something unique which OpenSUSE offers which other distros dont.  (Chaks has not justified this at all)

The issue with Marshalus was him jumping to the defence of Chaks with a “tin hat” insult, and whilst we can see that Marshalus has also been a victim of an imposter, he certainly wasnt when he made the “tin hat” comment.

Marshalus (editor of Neowin) states he hasnt used OpenSUSE and also has been kind enough to answer the questions put to him and his site:

1. What is the unique OpenSUSE “distro building” feature that Chaks implies and you seem to defend?

I don’t know.

2. Why is it when Chaks cant answer you come along and help?

I’m a friend and his editor, I was just trying to help him.

3. Does NeoWin recieve any “gifts”, review or free hardware/software from Microsoft and/or its affiliated companies for running a site dedicated to its products?

We don’t get anything we get to keep, we either have to give it back or give it away.

4. Would you like to retract the “tin hat” comment, or atleast quote me where I allege NeoWin is associated with Microsoft or indeed paid by them?

I think I’ve covered that. I’ll retract my comment if you take back some of the things said about me/us.

Wow, a response.  Firstly that is something which should be championed.  The imposter who posted the silly remarks about BEos has been exposed, so as far as Im concerned that is the only thing I need to clarify (which wasnt part of the article anyway)

Thank you Marshalus for your response, and I would urge (as always) in the interests of fairness for readers to see the comments in context over on mine, Marshalus and Chaks Twitter.

Now as readers of this whole sillyness will be aware, the argument started when I challenged Chaks (a Windows reporter) and his intentions for choosing OpenSUSE.  After a little discourse he implied that there was something unique about OpenSUSE that wasnt offered by any other distro.  I asked him to clarify, and as no surprise he couldnt.

Now onto the my response to Marshalus’s answers.

1 – Thats honest of you, thank you.

2 Again, honest and fair comment.

3 Very honest – Thank you.  However, this to me puts a whole different angle on the subject.  It would be going off topic to start an article about this within this post, but suffice to say, this needs to be looked at further (IMO) This is NOT a suggestion that Neowin itself or indeed Marshalus have motives driven by “freebies” however this does need to be looked at further.  In one sense I wish it hadnt been Marshalus who had made that revelation, since he was honest and open enough to answer the questions put to him, it seems a little unfair that his honesty will bring up further questions about the post Chaks made.  – This will be covered shortly.

4. Thank you, although maybe you could state what things Ive said about you and or the site you want retracted or feel unfair.  I was more than happy to corroborate you had been the victim of an imposter (weve seen that before recently) but what exactly is it that is the problem with the rest?  If you wish to post here, great, or you are free to email me anytime.  bytes4free@googlemail.com

I had intended to give Chaks the right of reply in this post, but after the revelations of question 3 on this one, I thought it deserved an entry of its own.

This will be posted shortly.


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