The NEOWIN Dynamic Duo – The Usual SUSEpects

Meet the dynamic duo, when Chaks cant answer a question (or just simply says the first thing to mind) XXXXXX is around to save the day.  See them on Twitter, just remember to take your tin hat off before asking a question!?!?!
Meet the dynamic duo, when chakkaradeep cant answer a question (or just simply says the first thing to mind) Marshalus is around to save the day. See them on Twitter, see them on NeoWin, just remember to take your tin hat off before asking a question!?!?!

Or/ Meet two of NeoWin’s finest, just dont ask them a question that they cant answer!

This article is in response to a little incident that occurred between myself, chakkaradeep and Marshalus.  It started when I challenged chakkaradeep as to why he was commenting about OpenSUSE Linux.  I asked the question merely because chakkaradeep reports on Microsoft products on a Microsoft related site and out of all the Linux distros OpenSUSE is about the nearest thing to a Microsoft approved Linux that you can get.

In the previous article Ive linked to a brief description of the said deal between Novell and Microsoft and mentioned the “Chaks side” of.our Dynamic Duo.

If you want further proof that its not just users on the Net wondering about the deal, Redhat made a comment recently when they entered into an agreement with Microsoft stating there was nothing “Novellish” about their particular agreement.  That to me suggests that even other Linux distros want to distance themselves from the type of deal Novell signed with Microsoft.

Now lets forget about the bad press of OpenSUSE, or that fact that it appears from reports about layoffs that OpenSUSE really isnt in too hot a possition right now, the reason why I continued to challenge Chaks was that he made an implication that OpenSUSE offers something that cannot be found in any other distro (IMO this was his attempt to try and justify why he appeared to be championing the feature of building/customizing OpenSUSE as a feature that was unique)  Of course any real users of Linux would know that its not unique, and rather than continue to quote Chaks comments, I would urge you to read them yourself.   To me its obvious he has little experience of an alternative to his beloved Microsoft products and has jumped on a feature he believed unique whilst promoting a Microsoft approved Linux (IMO)

Now, as happened before when chakkaradeep couldnt answer a challenge properly himself, Marshalus another of NeoWin’s staff pops up to help him.  This happened before and you can see that link here.

This is where things went a little wrong for our dynamic duo, because instead of coming back with sensible debate and reasoned points as to why the OpenSUSE comments were valid, I recieved remarks that were both untrue and IMO intentionally misleading.

I read your blog entry, seriously, take your tinfoil hat off and settle down. There is no evil Microsoft conspiracy at Neowin.

Er I never said there was, what blog entry were you reading, or are you simply telling lies?

Oh yeah, feel free to quote me on that.”

So it seems to me hes proud of his inaccurate remark that IMO was a poor attempt to cheapen.  Does this sound like a “reporter” who wants to be taken seriously or does this sound like a user who couldnt answer the original question for the other half of the dynamic duo and now seeks to just make silly, unrelated remarks?  Ill let you decide.

“I think he just loves a fight.”

Again, make a remark to try and cheapen because you cant answer a simple question I put to one of your reporters.  Ill repeat it again incase youve forgotten what it was I asked Chaks: “Whats the unique feature of OpenSUSE that was implied?” and if youd like: “Why do you seem oblivious of other distros offering the same thing and why did you choose OpenSUSE to mention?” maybe other users can take note of the response I recieved and if they are considering asking a question, doing so elsewhere? as it doesnt seem that these NeoWin staff are very happy to give a quick simple answer.

I would ask any reader of the NeoWin site (linux or Windows user) to ask themselves, is this the way someone who wants their comments to be taken seriously should behave?  Is this something Joe Wilcox or Mary Jo Foley would do?  I dont think so.

The sillyness of the tin hat comment is twofold, firstly because Marshalus hadnt read the article correctly (if he had then he would have seen that the challenge was made towards Chak and his choice of OpenSUSE) not NeoWin as a site, and secondly where do we see people resort to being personally insulting?  Yep its Microsoft Watch and the regular weak pro-MS arguments placed there.  Ive said before, its easy to tell when someone doesnt have an argument, the insults start and Marshalus can be proud in the knowledge that theyve added themselves to a list of people that I consider cant have a debate like adults.

Do I think NeoWin is part of some Microsoft masterplan?LOL No, its my opinion that Microsoft (if they were considering paying a site) would not pay NeoWin to promote MS and cheapen Linux.  In my opinion I dont believe either Marshalus or chakkaradeep have the knowledge or experience in using in the main anything other than Microsoft products to do it properly and I believe that was proved in the “unique OpenSUSE feature” issue.  Are these people tech experts or enthusiasts or simply Microsoft enthusiasts?

Since Marshalus appears to have difficulty reading my posts, if he would like a right of reply, maybe he could answer the questions below (Ive tried to keep them as simple as possible)  Although I welcome any right of reply, Im not particularly looking forward to reading it.  I dont believe we will get any form of reasoned or informed answer and I expect there will be parts of my post that he will get wrong or simply change to try and suit what hes trying to say.  I would hope if he does reply he will try to refrain from “tin hat” sillyness.  I wont hold my breath.

1. What is the unique OpenSUSE “distro building” feature that Chaks implies and you seem to defend?

2. Why is it when Chaks cant answer you come along and help?

3. Does NeoWin recieve any “gifts”, review or free hardware/software from Microsoft and/or its affiliated companies for running a site dedicated to its products?

4. Would you like to retract the “tin hat” comment, or atleast quote me where I allege NeoWin is associated with Microsoft or indeed paid by them?

From now on I will not be challenging the remarks of the usual SUSEpects via their twitter, theres no point. Marshalus (IMO) doesnt appear to be adult enough to answer without trying to be insulting and Chaks doesnt seem able to answer properly at all.  The dynamic duo are certainly not up to the task of coherent debate (IMO)

So I will challenge them on mainstream sites where people can act properly and others can help answer the questions for them.  One such site is Windows7Observer where the owner is more than happy to engage in conversation and debate, and if they dont know the answer, they admit it (instead of making up mickey mouse facts)  Many of the Windows related sites I visit and post on are happy to engage like Windows7Observer and I wonder, why is NeoWin different?  Ill let you answer that question.

How did I come to have contact with the NeoWin SUSEpects? Simple answer.  Theres are saying “All roads lead to Rome” in this case its “All roads lead to Andre” and we all know about the well documented allegations towards him and the expensive laptop Microsoft are alleged to have sent him (its been documented on here, Boycott Novell and repeatedly on Microsoft Watch)  The one good thing about Andre’s Twitter, is that you can see by his followers some of the best Microsoft entrenched users on the net.  Andre has made his Twitter account only visible to his “friends”, its a shame then he doesnt know who all his “friends” really are 😉

If I could also add a site which I was introduced to due to its reporter following me on Twitter. I challenged a comment they made, posted a long and reasoned response on their site.  Guess what?  They stop following me and wont publish the comment (despite polite requests to do so)  Theres another great example of free speech and debate and something which I would like you to consider.  Why would another Windows site have a problem with an alternatives viewpoint?  Mind you, one thing in the favor of Windows7themes, atleast when they couldnt answer they didnt make up silly facts or try to be insulting

UPDATE 10/04/09 – It appears that the owner of this site has now started following me again and has published the article (maybe as a result of the message I sent)  Im not sure why shortly after my post they appeared to stop following me, maybe it was all just a coincidence?  We see alot of those dont we? Anyway the matter is now resolved and in the spirit of free speech and opinion Windows7themes have shown they are willing to post an alternative view.  Shame the same cant be said for other sites who choose to insult an alternative viewpoint.

Moving on to less odious topics, I have some interesting articles coming up.   Evidence has been collected on a very popular foul mouthed MS promoter and a link between numerous handles on different forums.  Information mostly supplied by the readers of this site who have noticed some rather strange behaviour by some and come up with some interesting facts.

As always I thank the many friends I have made since starting this blog, I would also like to thank all the people who send links to me and information on potential new FUD spreaders on the net.

I would also like to reiterate the mission statement of this site and say that whilst the people who havent got an argument like to try and cheapen it, the results we have documented recently speak for themselves.  I am under no illusion that the part I play is very small, but its something everyone can do and if this site manages to sway only one person away from FUD and dishonest promotion, then I consider my investment of time well spent (regardless of if they choose Windows/Linux/MACos or anything else)

Happy easter holidays

Goblin –

"If youre going to insist on Linux, make sure its OpenSUSE.  Or do I have to bring a box of mosquitos around to your house?"
"If youre going to insist on Linux, make sure its OpenSUSE. Or do I have to bring a box of mosquitos around to your house?"

4 thoughts on “The NEOWIN Dynamic Duo – The Usual SUSEpects

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  1. You comment on Marshalus not being able to read an article properly, yet you yourself obviously can’t read anything on Neowin properly, not even the title in the titlebar, let alone the actual body of the website –

    You are calling it NeoWin, when it is in fact, Neowin 🙂

    Hypocrite much? I think so!

  2. Er hypocrite because I put a capital letter in it? Ok.

    If you’d been paying attention to the article (which is to highlight a relationship between Novell/Microsoft) you would have realized that the capitalization of W is to highlight the WIN part of it.

    Maybe that was too subtle for some, it certainly was for you.

    So just for CJ, Openbytes will say sorry for any offense caused by capitalizing the letter W in Neowin and CJ if thats the best you can come up with for a counter argument (or indeed a justification) to Chaks post of OpenSUSE, I suggest you give up now. I dont think Chaks needs your kind of help.

  3. Did you know:

    1. Neowin is 40% owned by Stardock, a company which has worked directly with Microsoft:

    2. Neowin has multiple “partners” from companies like AMD and others:

    3. Neowin rarely mentions these partners when talking about user groups:

    4. Neowin promises they’re not out to get you:

    Just things to consider.

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