How to promote Microsoft – The CC.Torment way!

When hes not surfing for porn, CC.Torment can be found on Microsoft Watch.
When hes not surfing for porn, CC.Torment can be found on Microsoft Watch, of course this picture isnt really representative of CC.Torment. Who knows what our porn surfing, self confessed troll looks like?

I have alot of time for users with honest held belief and an open mind to alternatives.  One such site and user is the owner of the WindowsObserver website.  A very nice chap, who supports Microsoft products and has good reasons for him doing so.  Then we come to more odious individuals, who for reasons you can decide for yourself have other motives for supporting Microsoft and attempting (badly) to cheapen alternatives.

So for your enjoyment let me introduce CC.Torment.  One of the few regular pro-MS posters over on Microsoft-Watch.   Over the course of the last few months, they have a very unique way of trying to cheapen Linux and heres how they do it, so without further ado let me list their top tips for cheapening an alternative viewpoint.

1. Admit youre a troll – CC.Torment admitted in a conversation with me where his argument (if you can call it that) fell appart and his emotions got the better of him admitted he was a troll.

2. Confess to surfing for porn – CC.Torment recently claimed he surfed for porn.

3. Use foul language – Generous use of foul language is all in a days work for CC.Torment, remember, dont be fussy who you use it against, and if the message doesnt get through, use it again.

4. When your argument falls appart, insult. – A great reason to be insulting and something CC.Torment has no problem doing.  Argument fallen appart?  Been proved wrong?  No worries! Just insult.  Youre sure to be taken seriously.

5. Create multiple handles – When nobody agrees with you, dont worry!  Create yourself a few new users and start agreeing with yourself.  Just make sure you change your posting style, lest you get rumbled.

So there you have it, the CC.Torment top five tips to trying to cheapen Linux.  In the spirit of fairness and to give you an example of the quality of CC.Torments posts, you can see him in action here and I encourage you to look back at his previous posting:


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