ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! – So dont blame Microsoft.

For a different article today I wanted to give you a little tip.  Have problems with your Microsoft products?  Read about issues with Windows?  Well its all your fault. Microsoft is not to blame.

With a tongue in cheek look at articles where Microsoft has been reported to blame anyone but itself, please for your enjoyment check out the list below:  But before you ask, “What made you create this post?” Ill answer: Microsoft have released a patch for its 360 which apparently was experiencing lockups in certain games played with live.  Deja Vu?  Who had a Zune 30gig lockup on New years eve?  Ill leave you to answer that.

Microsoft blames users for Vista infections,1000000121,39418108,00.htm

Microsoft blames Netbook appeal, marketing costs for Windows drop

Microsoft blames leapyear for Zune glitch

Microsoft blames add-ons for browser woes

Microsoft blames users for Vista problems

Microsoft blames users for one-care fiasco,339028227,339274293,00.htm

Microsoft blames apps for security vulnerabilities

Microsoft blames Internet Explorer bug on inadequate training

Microsoft blames users for emails its bug has destroyed

These were all found with a quick Google of “Microsoft blames” I could list alot more, but I think you get the idea.  So next time your Microsoft product goes wrong, just remember its not Microsofts fault its yours.



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