This will be a short post today, since Ive arrived from work late and also because I have had a rather interesting message sent to me on a forum Im a member of.

I am going to only give rough details at the moment because I really want the person who sent me the mail to give their right of reply first so I can post it into the same article.

So here are the vague details:

Im a member of a forum, where I have received a message telling me that Ive “failed to answer their questions” (which by the way I double checked my email (and spam folder), twitter (both direct replies and @replies), Ive checked my comments section on the blog here (and the spam) and tried to find these questions that Im supposed to have not answered.)  Ive also checked the forum in question, theres no other mail there for me nor can I see any unanswered questions on the threads.

So Ive had allegations thrown at me (which is fine, and what Ive come to expect when you dare to suggest an alernative to Microsoft) but what is strange is that I really have no clue what they are talking about.

So whats the point of this post? Good question.  The person concerned knows who they are, and I know they will visit here.  This post is in the hope that they will respond to the message I sent them and provide me with their right to reply before I post the article.

So why am I being lenient this time? Purely because other members of the admin team on that particular board have been polite and gracious enough to allow me there (and genuinely interesting people).  This (believed) member is part of the same team, and whilst what they sent to me was wholly incorrect. I feel I owe it to the other members to present both sides at the same time.

Heres to hoping (sincerely) for a reply, however should none be forthcoming, I will be running with the article anyway which should be very enlightening and serve as an example of what can happen when you post alternative product options (in particular FOSS ones) on some boards.

Im pleased now that Ive always taken screendumps of such conversations, this one being no exception.


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  1. Just before signing off for the evening, Ill let readers know, Ive been having a conversation via msg to the user concerned and will be posting the whole thing in its entirety on an article on friday.

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