Optionetics – A mystery solved.

Readers may remember we ran an article on Optionetics on Twitter.  This user was promoting Microsoft stock (amongst other things).  I challenged them directly and asked the question if they were in anyway associated with the company of the same name.


Now it appears we have an answer, as this comment was left by the real company Optionetics:

Hi all,

Thanks for posting this to the blog. I’m actually with Optionetics, which has done investor education for 15 years.

We NEVER do stock tips and investment advice like @optionetics has done. That’s illegal. We only provide education and tools to teach people how to increase trading profit and protect downside risk.

We’re currently talking with Twitter so we can take back our company name from this impersonator. Thanks for asking the important questions!

We’re just diving into Twitter now as a company. You can follow me at @AKatOptionetics, or http://twitter.com/AKatOptionetics


So it appears our Microsoft promoter Optionetics is not all they seem.  I hope this matter gets resolved.

As I say repeatedly, I welcome the right to reply of anyone and Openbytes is always happy to correct posts should new information come to light.

Any readers who were following the antics of Pro-MS posters on Microsoft-Watch who began impersonating users, would be forgiven for seeing a similarity here.  I wonder what the intention of the imposter Optionetics is?  Ill leave you to make your own mind up.


4 thoughts on “Optionetics – A mystery solved.

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  1. Glad to be able to help.

    I hope the edits I have made to the previous articles clear up the issue and hope the imposter using your name has not caused harm to your company.

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