Ive been spending a little time over on the Windows7center forums.  Despite what you may think (with a name like that) Ive had emails from some genuine users and infact the sites owner is a very openminded individual who welcomes debate and has welcomed my input.  This to me is what the internet is all about, honest held debate with people who actually know what they are talking about.  That was until I met ConductRE, who at first I thought would be a good debate, but all too quickly they degenerated into a person who obviously only had a half knowledge and a handfull of Linux myths.  Putting me in mind of a Whitesnake track as I penned my final words to them.

So here indeed we go again.  To be fair to ConductRE at least they refrained from being vulgar.

Here are some classics of ConductRE:

“I don’t know why you’re Anti-Windows (actually you seem to be anti-Microsoft) so much but seeing as you have NO experience with Vista, you’re hardly one to make any comments on it.”  – Wow, thats a big statement to make since Ive only made about 3 posts to you.

“Granted I sometimes prefer coding on linux, old habits die hard.”   – And I wonder what these “old habits” are?

“Wine is a horrid mess.” – There you go folks, ConductRE has spoken.  I dont know about anyone else, but im convinced.

The problem is (as I see it) with ConductRE’s argument (forgetting the fact that their knowledge is lacking) is that in the course of the discussion the only advantage of a Windows platform they could highlight, was the ability to run Photoshop (which isnt even made by Microsoft) and that for them “Wine is a horrid mess” I really hope ConductRE never joins a Microsoft PR team.

Anyway, here for your enjoyment is the thread: