REVIEW: ScummVM 0.13.0

Want to play retro "point and click" adventures?
Want to play retro "point and click" adventures? Get ScummVM!

Todays games are a very different affair to those of yesteryear.  Gone for the most part are the point and click adventures with limited cut scenes (if any) and multiple lines of text.  Todays efforts are a multi-media extravaganza of cgi, sfx and mayhem.  Some say this is progress, but I honestly cant remember any recent game giving me the sense of achievement that I had when completing Kings Quest III from Sierra, or the very funny Colour of Magic game all those years ago.

The popularity of emulators has brought back some of those classics and whilst ScummVM is not strictly emulating anything (its using the datafiles of games) it is a great project for old timers like me who want to get into some of those “point and clicks” I never got the chance to.

Currently in version 0.13.0 ScummVM already offers an impressive database of almost 100% compatibility.  Check out that page here.

Even more impressive is the platforms which you can run ScummVM on.  (Iphone included!) Click here to see just how cross platform ScummVM is!

So what were my favorites? Sierras Kings Quest / Space Quest series spring to mind.  I look forward to playing some of those again.

ScummVM is a great project both for people with fond memories of the past and for new gamers who think because they can complete Oblivion they are good at puzzles…guys/girls youre in for a shock!

Click here to visit the homepage.


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