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REVIEW: Pidgin 2.5.5 – The all in one messenger?

Pidgin, most welcome on my distro!

Pidgin, most welcome on my distro!

Chat networks, we all love em, we all use different ones, and they all use different clients/sites!  Let me introduce you to Pidgin, not one of those criters who cover London pavements in their special grey paint, but a Pidgin that will be most welcome in your house.

Pidgin aims to be an all in one chat client for numerous chat networks (see end of post for supported ones) and bring them all together under one package.

Account setup is easy, just choose the chat network and enter your details, you can have many networks as you want running at one, so you wont have to switch between them again.

Pidgin is very well supported and has numerous plugins available.  There is a one for Twitter (not currently tested) and these can all be found linked on the Pidgin Homepage. Currently at 2.5.5 this is a mature product (and it shows) if you are a user of numerous networks or just one and simply want a compact and tight little chat client, look no further than Pidgin!

Having only ICQ and IRC “interests” this leads me to one of the limitations of the package (for me anyway).  Natively Pidgins IRC support is limited.  Using file servers on a IRC network is not going to happen (from my testing) since Pidgin doesnt not seem to know what to do with the request.  That being said, the client is very clean and clear, it is a great choice if you only intend to chat on IRC.

With a small memory footprint, smooth and quick operation, Pidgin is a permanent fixture on my distro.  Chat networks supported are: AIM , Bonjour , Gadu-Gadu , Google Talk , Groupwise ,ICQ , IRC ,MSN , MySpaceIM ,QQ , SILC , SIMPLE , Sametime , XMPP, Yahoo!, Zephyr.

You can get Pidgin from the homepage: http://pidgin.im/

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