Ok, Im nearly done for the night.  But as a last post for the day:

Over on the Linux Foundation, I think Ive found my favourite Linux video.  Check this out : http://video.linux-foundation.org/video/1134 and then head over to http://video.linux-foundation.org/

And other little snippets:

I would also like to give you a quick link to a site Ive found on my travels that lets you make newspaper type comic strips for free, its great fun, and I can see a few shill cartoons coming out of this!  Check out: http://stripgenerator.com/

Want to see what Microsoft has to say to XP customers?  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-xp/future.aspx I would love to pull this link to pieces, but a/ Im tired and b/ is there really a need to?  Check out their reference to the Mojave Experiment….great effort there guys.

Want to run Windows 3.1 in Linux?  Heres how: http://aaobloggers.wordpress.com/2009/03/07/running-windows-31-in-linux/

I hope you enjoy them, I didnt think they needed an article, but I did want to include them.

Im off to bed!

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com