Stupidity? You havent read Jerry Lee Cooper!

Jerry Lee Cooper, a real person or a joke?
Jerry Lee Cooper, a real person or a joke? Could Mr Dostoevsky have written this book with Jerry Lee Cooper in mind?

Today I found a link (mentioned on another) in relation to a ZDnet article on “Why Linux will not displace Windows”

I thought Id read some ignorance until I saw some of the cracking comments made about Linux from a user called Jerry Lee Cooper, which really highlights why its so important to inform people with the truth about Linux, instead of letting them be misled by the ignorant and FUD spreaders.

Here for your enjoyment are some of the comments, but I strongly recommend you get yourself over to ZDnet and see this Jerry Lee Cooper  in action yourself!

“…Linux is a marvellous operating system in its own right, and even comes in several different flavours. However, as good as these flavours are, they first need Microsoft Windows to load the services prior to use……My point being, young man, that unless you intend to pirate and steal the Windows drivers and services, how is using the linux going to save money ?

“Vista is far more powerful than windows XP, and runs twice as fast. It is also much harder to pirate, and this point more than anything else has the Linux crowd in a panic.”

“Linux will have to find a way to work under Vista from here on, since it wont be able to rely on XP being readily available anymore.”

“Linux may seem like a good alternative to Office, but all that is happening in linux is that the windows interface is cleverly hidden away. It still needs the drivers and software services in order to run, and in most cases – that happens WITHOUT a valid windows licence.”

“Vista will finally put an end to this blatant abuse of intellectual property, and linux should decline, taking the pirates with it.”

I think this is probably a joke by someone, but even so I think most Linux users have seen similarly stupid comments on the net over the years.


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