“Tyrannically Benevolent” – NeoWin responds…sort of.

Ive had a few messages in regards to my conversations with the NeoWin website reporters, and since I unexpectedly had to go to work yesterday was unable until today to read this response (of sorts) to the impartiality of NeoWin.

First off, it was very nice to for them to make a comment on impartiality and their take on it.  I hope the article was not a response to me though as IMO it suggests that the accusation leveled at them was that they are not impartial and that there is a “plot” at play.  I never said that.

My comments directed at certain reporters from that site were merely asking the question that if you are making comments in respect of tech, how can you have a balanced or informed view if you havent used alternatives?  As I say someone who has only ever used a computer with a Z80 processor would of course think it the best thing invented, if they had never seen say, a quad core.  This isnt (IMO) a problem for a blogger, but a popular computing/tech website? Ill let you decide.

I dont suggest that Ive used every platform/software or every hardware configuration, but I try to highlight the alternatives, and if you take a look at the recent articles Ive written on web browsers, youll find Im quite open on whats usuable and whats not.

I believe anyone who places opinion on the net has a great responsibility.  Many people will read and take note of what is said (and possibly make purchasing decisions on that basis)  the world of proprietary software is a large one (of which I do purchase proprietary products) but if a site champions a proprietary solution when there are FOSS alternatives (or shareware etc) then thats when the issue of impartiality raises its head.

Ill leave this subject here for now, I would challenge anyone to quote me where I have said anything wrong.  I will be more than happy to respond.  As you can see in my previous article, when I challenged JD to quote me, they havent returned.  Which is often the case.  As always, I stress that users perform their own research.

Here is the link http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?automodule=blog&blogid=21&showentry=2792

I do have a little piece of advice though for the writer (whom I dont believe Ive spoken to before)

When posting links as proof of your impartiality it may have been better to choose one that is not linking to interoperability between Novell & Microsoft products again, its nice that alternatives are linked, however in my opinion, it was a bad choice of example of that.  OpenSUSE is a popular distro and has been featured in my magazines over the years, however its connection with Microsoft hardly proves categorically that the NeoWin site is impartial simply because theyve linked to a reference of it.

In addition maybe the reporter should look at some off the shelf magazines.  Certainly in games mags when they review one of the latest games, you will often find references and comparisons to, similar titles/genres.

As I say, Ill leave it there.  I have other topics that I would like to cover over the next few days (since Im off).  As always, everyone is welcome to comment.  If you want to challenge ANYTHING Ive said on any article/post, you are welcome to do so.  If you stay polite, I will respond in kind.

*ADDITIONAL* The link where NeoWin were proving impartiality has changed and no longer links to a Novell/Microsoft page (in relation to OpenSUSE) so either they’ve taken on board my suggestion (which is good) or it was just a random link and incredibly coincidental.  It matters not, I think the point has been made.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com


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