Is Goblin blinkered exclusively to Linux? JD asks the question, you decide.

Firstly the title of this post is not some outragous allegation that has been thrown at me specifically, its actually as a result of a poster challenging my site and in particular my opinion.  Now normally you would expect Goblin to start posting researched links, a plethora of counter allegations and maybe even a little humor.  This time you wont.  A user called JD (who I dont believe agrees with my stance on anything) has come here and posted a sensible, polite and coherent challenge towards me, which is something I have been waiting for, for a considerable time.

Does any user think I enjoy starting was effectively becomes a flame war?  No.  I am desperate to engage in coherent debate (even heated on ocassion) and my only criteria is that it stays vulgar free and (relatively) sensible. JD has done that so here is their post

From: https://openbytes.wordpress.com/2009/02/25/ubuntu-910-karmic-koala/

I think it’s a bit unfair that you’re seeking to champion Ubuntu here while failing to mention the alternatives available.

Some mention of Windows in a fair and balanced manner would have been appropriate according to the views you like to spread about people who write about Windows.

And don’t even get me started on your lack of coverage of BeOS. Hypocrisy I say!

– jd

As you can see, its polite and worthy of a proper response.  The only part of the comment that I would challenge would be “according to the views you like to spread about people who write about Windows.” I would like the poster to return and clarify what they mean by that since, I to my knowledge do not throw personal insults towards anyone.  (Something that cannot be said in regards to the comments thrown at me which are well documented as show people are quite prepared to use vulgar and completely inappropriate comments to try and cheapen my view)  Sure I have reservations about anyone who champions a product without experience or comment on alternatives, but on the flip side of the coin (as I repeatedly say) I have no problem with any user choosing Windows on the basis of informed decision, infact I welcome it.  If you want further proof to this, check over on MS Watch where I challenged a poster who was going to boycott Microsoft products simply because they were stopping production of MS Flight Sim.  I discouraged that.

Anyway, the allegation at me is that I champion Ubuntu, what many readers will have noticed is that when this blog recently changed style, the “about” information disappeared from the right hand side of the screen.  This is to do with the template being used now, but on that old template I had a message that said whilst we were proud to support Ubuntu there were other distros available, and it went on to encourage the user to do their own research over on distro-watch or similar.

I am aware this is missing now, so really I have no excuse for new readers who havent seen it, however Id ask to check my posts in general and Im sure regular readers will notice I more champion Linux as a platform not one particular distro.

So why do I mention Ubuntu? in my opinion (which I make quite clear) Ubuntu is a distro I believe to be very good for the new Linux user, in addition to it being more “out of the box” than any other Ive tried, the fact that its one of the more popular (and hence help is easier to find)  I can also say that from the experiences of my own family using it, it is simple to use.   If I was to champion a Linux distro, it would personally be Gentoo, since thats my distro of choice, although Im aware that for the new Linux user it can be daunting, and when you are learning something for the first time the last thing a new user (IMO) wants to do is “jump in at the deep end”  In addition Ive covered NimbleX, AROS and a plethora of other OS’s (as time allows)

I think JD’s comments have come about as a result of a converstation I had with a reporter from NeoWin, a site where one reporter in particular champions Windows without a thought or a mention of any alterntative.  That (IMO) is fine if you are a blogger, but an article writer on a popular website?  IMO thats not on.  The example I gave was that if you had a user who had only experience of a Z80 CPU, of course they would think it excellent, but if they had never used a quad core, there comments would hardly be informed would they?

I dont expect people to read all my posts just to find out my opinions, what I do expect is people to ask me for my views.  Im happy to clarify them.  Ive said recently I would have XP on a laptop over a MAC anyday.

So I should mention Windows in a fair and balanced way?  Please would you mind quoting me with anything Ive said that was not fair.  Was it unfair for me to report the numerous articles on the net alleging EU armed forces had been victims of exploits for instance?

If I honestly believe that Linux can offer everything for me Windows can, with the benefit of being free and without lockin, what do you want me to say about Windows.  If I was on some anti-MS crusade, I would not be in disagreement with the EU’s approach to Microsoft and anti-trust (an opinion Ive shared on many sites including MSwatch) and I certainly wouldnt choose Ubuntu as a distro either, since Mark Shuttleworth has, I believe not only said he thought Windows 7 was good, but has also admitted his parents use a Windows platform aswell.

In regards to BeOS, I presume you are just using this an example since that proprietary platform is now defunct (unless Im mistaken) and I dont believe its been updated since 2001.  If you are refering to Haiku, then I believe that OS is still in its early stages, and just like why I havent looked at Win 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 is that they are still in development and not a fair representation of the final product.  I made the exception with AROS since that is based around a completely new concept and was more to do with reliving the 68000 days for me rather than a comprehensive report. (and if you look at my article you will see the limitations and issues are clearly stated)

If people recommend a distro to me, I will try my best to look at it, and I say again as I say numerous times in my posts, perform your own research.  The best opinion on the net for you is your own.

I appreciate any polite challenges to me, and if anyone wants to do the same as JD, if you remain polite, you will be welcome here and I will respond in kind.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com