Over on my Twitter account Ive picked up a new follower.  MicrosoftLegal

Now IMO, either someone has:

a/ Created that account out of devilment.

b/ Created that account to frighten me.

c/ Both of the above.

Now Im not sure if I should be complimented or insulted.  Do they think my posts are so important that I need to be silenced? LOL I dont think so.  I can only then presume it an insult.  Come on, if Microsoft wanted to build up a legal case on me, they wouldnt create a user name like that to collect evidence, infact that wouldnt need to create a username at all.  You can see all the posts of someone on Twitter without registering, and if Microsoft were infact collecting evidence, the last thing that they would do is announce the fact.  How silly.  How insulting that they thought I would fall for it.  The least they could have done was create an avatar aswell, to atleast try and look convincing.  Anyway, enjoy the two screen grabs, one being of the direct messages Ive sent to “MicrosoftLegal” and another of the account itself.  Enjoy.

In anycase, even if Microsoft were to follow (which I dont believe Im important enough to do) I am very careful about my posts.  If you notice I litter them with IMO and make it very clear that the posts are allegations (usually made by others).  I would never suggest that my opinions are fact and encourage further research by the reader to draw their own conclusions.

And anyway, its all accademic since I use a proxy to connect to the net and the Goblin username was soley created to post on Microsoft Watch and challenge FUD.  Its unexpected that Ive branched out onto Twitter and other pro-MS sites.

Microsoftlegal - Following one person...ME! Oh Im scared. I must be very dangerous to Microsoft....LOL. The fact that the creator believes I will fall for this rubbish is insulting.

and here is my direct replies to them (please see below for transcript)
and here are my direct replies to them (please see below for transcript)

Reply 1/3 “Yes. Very good. Notice I use the word “allegation” and refer to 3rd party reports and articles? Even if I was to believe for one minute….”

Reply 2/3 “that Redmond would have its legal department on me with a handle telling me so, you’ll find that Im very careful in what I type. I find it..”

Reply 3/3 “very insulting that you would think I would fall for such sillyness. I will be making an article on my blog about this, screengrabs taken.”

As interesting end to the day! If not somewhat pathetic.  Please feel free to join me on my Twiiter.  Maybe I can pick up a few more silly names in the coming days.

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com