Removal of IE 8, UK hasnt done a deal with Microsoft + Investors Revolt!

Its being reported on many sites that Windows 7 allows the removal of IE8 from its environment.  Whilst this news may sound great and in the spirit of the “anti-trust” claims against it, I feel it will do little to appease the EU and the whole purpose of the ruling.

Assuming that IE7 is an intergral part of Windows 7 (like Vista) then the absence of IE8 makes little difference since Microsoft is still bundling IE with Windows and this is the root cause of the EU issue with Microsoft (IMO)

So whats the solution?  First, whilst it may shock some readers, Im not actually in favour of this anti-trust sillyness.  Anyone from the UK will know first hand what happened when we saw similar “ruling” in relation to Utilities.  Confusion, incorrect bills were just the tip of the iceberg and IMO the fair competition in which it was trying to promote actually was detrimental to the consumer.

You can read an article about this IE8 removal feature here.

Moving on, this week saw an article on Microsoft investors being rather disgruntled about Microsoft direction, read about it at the excellent Boycott Novell site.

And to add to Microsoft woes, it is also being reported that the UK government has failed to agree a deal with Microsoft (which apparently expired last year)  With the UK government talking about Open Source, is this a sign of change? Read the article here.

I wont touch on Microsofts Silverlight issues as I think theyve had more than enough bad news in one post for today, but expect a follow up article shortly on angry Silverlight users.

Goblin –


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