MSLIVE SEARCH – Microsoft is holding the pig still and applying the lipstick.

MSlives getting a celebrity makeover (allegedly) How exactly will that change the fact Google is a household name?
MSlive's getting a celebrity makeover (allegedly) How exactly will that change the fact Google is a household name?

I dont think it would be unfair to say that Microsoft would like a piece of Google sucess in the search engine stakes.  MSlive, Microsofts offering in this area is, IMO not well known and certainly not the household name that Google is.  In the midst of our shillers making comments about how MSlive is so much better than Google, I took the oportunity a while back to do a series of searches and compare the results to Google.  No real difference.  I have repeatedly asked the Microsoft “Champions” to specify what they were searching for when they achieved more relevant results than Google.  Ive yet to have an answer.

So it seems that Google is not only more desirable to the general user (since “Google” is now in our vocabularies as search) but also advertisers want their products on the search engine, which is understandable since advertisers want their products to be seen by as many people as possible.

Over on Twitter, it is being alleged a Microsoft exec posted a message saying “Played today with Live search (to be rebranded) launch pre-beta.   I like the new features and UX so far.”

The message was subsequently deleted, however its been rumoured that the name for the rebranding will be Kumo.  Kumo is Japanese for cloud and it makes you wonder if thats where the big wigs heads are at Redmond if they believe a rebranding is the way to tackle the household name of Google.

It is also rumored that Ballmer may be releasing more info this Wednesday.  If thats the case Im sure one of the Microsoft “champions” will have something to say as they post about MSlive in a state of euphoria when Daft Darth Ballmer makes his proclamation.

Over on Search Engine Land, they say “Microsoft Live Search appears to be flighting a new instant answer called “Best Match” that highlights what presumably Microsoft finds to be ideal result for the query. This new feature isn’t triggered for all queries and seems to appear using similar criteria as Google’s sitelinks. The query has to be unambiguous and navigational. It’s less “we’re very confident this result is the best” and more “we’re very confident that we know exactly what you are searching for”. and you can read the complete feature by clicking here.

Twitter is a great little medium for following the exploits of our Microsoft “friends”  Check out this link for a list of Micrsoft Twitterers, very useful for keeping tabs on what they are up to.  On a related note, Andre Da Costa, who has been rather subdued of late had an anouncement to make on his twitter.  He claimed XP was still “wiping the floor with Linux”  What was his source I hear you say?  A blog belonging to a 27 yearold student from New Zealand… about being easily led (lets hope he doesnt ever find one of those Alien conspiracy websites).  For those still interested in Andre’s shameless Microsoft promotion, will see that recently hes had a little trouble with spam and Microsoft services recently.  Could it be that the begging letter Andre was alleged to have written for a Mac is actually a sign Andres moving his loyalties to Apple for a bit?   Ill let you decide.


2 thoughts on “MSLIVE SEARCH – Microsoft is holding the pig still and applying the lipstick.

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  1. It could be that Microsoft branding, i.e. ‘MS-anything’ is not cutting it anymore, therefore it’s dropping ‘MS’ from new services and products. I know lots of folk that, in using the web, when they see a ‘MS-xxx’ platform independent offering will generally skip it without batting an eye.

  2. Agreed. I think that the issues that MS have go deeper than just branding though. Take Zune, whilst Apple is going DRM free (as per customer pressure) Zune seems wallowing in a pool of averageness, with (IMO) very little interest from the public.

    Microsoft tried to use their name to push the HDdvd format, unfortunately Bluray is (IMO) the better medium.

    I think MS’s problems stem from not just an image, but the realization from the public that better solutions can be found elsewhere.

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