Something different: A piece of demoscene history!

rsi-megademoi-1_0011For those of you old enough to remember the Amiga 500 computer, many of you will have bought the machine on the back of a store demonstration of the RSI Megademo!  In my opinion it was probably the first demo to hit “the mainstream” and (IMO) was the catalyist for the Amiga PD scene that became quite a profitable business for some of the bigger PD distribution companies.

So what was so great about the Amiga demoscene?  Well appart from the fact users experienced some really fantastic visuals on their home computers, it was the era of creativity, bucking the system, bootloaders, cracktros and trainers.  I wonder how many people had software that upon inserting into the drive displayed the Fairlight logo, with a plethora of options to “train” the game.

This was also a time of the legendary X-copy, something which probably 99% of all Amiga users had, a piece of software that allowed copying of disks sector by sector and was probably as important as two floppy diskdrives!

rsi-megademoi-1_006Anyway, I digress.  The Red Sector Megademo has to go down in history as having some of the best music ever created on the Amiga (thanks Romeo Knight).Red Sector started life on the Commodore 64, before proceeding to the Amiga and later on PCs and Consoles.

You can visit the TRISTAR & RSI site by clicking here!

You can still experience this piece of history today, either via UAE (on Linux or Windows) or via Demo Scene TV by clicking here.

Or if you are wanting to download the ADF file, click here.


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