Twitux v0.62 – A dedicated Twitter client.

I have to admit im really into Twitter, not only is it a great place to meet some intelligent and interesting people, but its also a great place for getting snippets of the latest news.  I was after a separate Twitter client since I was fed up of having to keep it in a tab on FF and a nice little “tight” client would be just what the doctor ordered.

So it was with great interest that I downloaded 0.62.  Connecting to my account was simple and by way of a drop down menu, I can view all my tweeting by selecting my own, my friends or my replies. The package can be set to auto-retrieve messages at intervals to suit you.

A few issues highlight themselves when using this package, trying to add a follow results in an “HTTP communication error”.  Links are not indentified by the program and you’ll have to copy and paste into your browser if you want to follow them.  Next up is the issue of setting the intervals for retrieving, but the quickest you can do this is  3mins and there doesnt appear to be a feature to enter a custom time (although there is an option to refresh for an imediate update).

Since the version tested in Ubuntu 8.10 was 0.62, it can be forgiven for its shortcommings, and Im sure that these and many more features will be added as the package develops, but it doesnt look as if Ill be moving over to it yet.  v0.69 is apparently out, so if anyone happens to have tested that, Id love to hear from you.

I am continuing to look for a viable package to feed my Twitter addiction.  Ill keep you posted.

You can visit the homepage of Twitux at:

Goblin –


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