Anyone who has followed my Net activities will see that I am not exactly backward in coming forward with my beliefs.  I strongly tackle FUD and do, if Im honest take great delight in exposing those who have more dubious intentions over their praise of proprietary products.

Every so often, I come across knowledgable people, who have an honest held belief in Microsoft products and when I do, I try to engage in debate as I feel these are the best debate for helping users to decide which system is best for them.

As readers of my exploits will have seen, often a pro-Microsoft argument leads to insults being thrown at me and the open source scene in general, it sometimes results in impersonation (over on Microsoft Watch) but seems always to result in my email being hammered by abusive mails.

This is not the case this time on I must admit that when the question “What is FOSS?” was asked, I did think “here we go again” however that has been cleared up and there was no ignorance there, merely a case that in the writers experience he never refered to open source as that.

It was with great pleasure then that I found a request to write a guest article on the Windows7center site, which of course I accepted and I hope you will read.  What I can say in addition to the few readers I have, would be that if you are still undecided about going to an alternative to Windows, read  I believe that Al is someone who (like me) has honest held belief in the system they use.  What better way to make a decision about your OS than to base it on two different honest held belief viewpoints?

Update: I would like to add Windows Observer to this article, since it appears here the owner welcomes alternative view, just as Joe Wilcox does over on Microsoft Watch.

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