Moonlight shines on Linux – Did anyone notice?

Life is a great for Microsoft Novell (as long as you dont mention Red Hat).  Moonlight 1.0 is now available for Linux users. – Lucky us.

I would put money on many people not even knowing what Moonlight is, but for those interested its an open source project sponsored by Microsoft Novell in order so that Linux users can experience Silverlight content.  Which sites employ Silverlight?  I couldnt tell you since none of the ones I visit do.

“Microsoft Silverlight offers the most comprehensive and powerful solution for the creation and delivery of rich internet applications and media experiences, and is used by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide” – Scott Guthrie

So there we have it, lets be thankfull to Novell for providing us this wonderful gift, especially since they’ve given it at a time when Red Hat has managed to form a better “agreement” with Microsoft than they did.

I will let you consider if you really need/want to use this Microsoft Novell product, but after spending time moving to Linux and away from the proprietary lockin and restrictions of a Windows system, do you really want this on your system?



3 thoughts on “Moonlight shines on Linux – Did anyone notice?

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  1. “I would put money on many people not even knowing what Moonlight”
    You’ll make a fortune on that bet…

    I had the hardest time ever explaining this until finally I went with : “Look, it’s like Flash + JavaScript + App-interface for Linux.”

    To which I got the best answer yet… “What’s Linux?”

    Sometimes, I feel like it’s all an uphill battle.

    So far, the only sites I’ve seen that employ Silverlight (that wasn’t linked from another MS site as an example) is,…. and that’s about it.

  2. Yeah, it seems like the “greatness” of Moonlight is all a little accademic when it seems difficult to pin down any sites that use it!

    Great to be following you on Twitter!

  3. I like to give credit where it’s due. And it is quite an accomplishment.

    But that doesn’t mean the fundamental, nagging, point disappears.

    Silverlight and, by extension, Moonlight are solutions to a problem that don’t exist.

    Everything that can be done in Silverlight/Moonlight can be done with other tools to varying degrees (some of them better) so what’s the point?

    It’s a solution that, pretty much, binds to another platform. In this case, one can argue Linux compatibility sets the platform “free”. But who are we kidding here?

    I’m shaking in my boots being a C# developer at Mono’s potential of being suddenly being patent protected. I think you too mentioned this in an earlier comment, it’s Microsoft’s own fear of “pushing the red button”, so to speak, that’s prevented this so far. So why do I need to contribute more to Novell’s/Microsoft’s control of another platform by adopting it?

    At least with Flash + JavaScript, I still have some leeway (though Flash on x64 Linux took forever) in building interactive apps. In fact, I’d much rather avoid tight OS integration if possible as that too is another path to being tied down.

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