This should be great news.  The Open Source community should be happy, or certainly Linux users should, shouldnt they?
After reading this piece of news, I am dubious at best.

I will let you read the numerous articles on the subject (theres a good one here)

I ask you only to consider this:  We know that Novell took a great hammering after its “deal” with Microsoft, we’ve seen Microsofts tactics in the past, look at the OS/2 story.  So how about this theory.  Microsoft offers a good deal to a major Linux distributor, which further weakens the position of Novell enabling a Microsoft purchase of the company.  Weve seen the influences of a Microsoft parent with Novells sponsoring of MONO.  A purchase of Novell by Microsoft would allow them in through the backdoor of the FOSS scene IMO.

Maybe Im paranoid, but whilst people are celebrating what seems to be great news, Im keeping in mind that in my opinion we are dealing with a tainted company.