Im mad! Im bad! and Im ruining Linux! Thats according to Jacob, our newest "new" handle on Microsoft Watch....hes a big fan of Linux you know..!?!? 😉

Ive seen it all now, it has been alleged that im in a homosexual relationship with a poster called chips on MS-Watch.  Its been alleged that my wife is a man.  Its been alleged that Im involved in a Jihad against Microsoft (in very bad taste I must add) and now, I am accused of having a cut-throat attitude, in the midst of it all my email has been hammered with obscenity (to little consequence as Google mail does such a good job of stopping it.)

I was not though, prepared for the latest.  “Jacob”, our 4th new handle for the day has shown up, not only to declare himself as being an opensource supporter but also to declare that my attitude is cut-throat and harmful to Linux.

Of course I have challenged him to print anything that is cut throat, if you check my posts all Ive done is challenge the obvious Linux falsehoods that get posted in an attempt to promote other proprietary products.

Whilst Jacob was posting he forgets about what is fundamental to the ethos of the open source community.

I am not arrogant enough to think every open source user agrees with the way I go about things, but I celebrate that, afterall anyone who is involved in the open source community knows its not simply a collection of people sitting around agreeing with each other.  Unlike someone locked into proprietary products we have freedom.  Thats both freedom of choice and freedom of opinion, and Id ask any open source supporters to please post your opinions on Microsoft Watch if you agree with me or not. Its by having diverse Opensource opinion on display that we can truly show the benefits of being part of its community.

Do I think Jacob is really an open source user?  Ill let you decide, in the meantime consider that all this bad behaviour by others has come about merely because I dared to suggest there was an alternative to Microsoft.


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