ALIEN ARENA v7.21 – FPS Action on a distro near you!

We first covered this fast paced FPS some time ago HERE. It was with great pleasure then that I took a look at the latest update to this work.

I can confirm, what was already an extremely polished product is now even more so.  On the last version there was a minor issue with the software not returning me to my default screen resolution.  I can now report that this is no longer the case, I also have no issues connecting to a server.  Get yourself over to the Official Site and download your copy now.

So whats changed?

7.20 - 7.21 changelog

1.  Fixed water fragment shaders.
2.  Fixed bug with water caustics.
3.  Added normalmaps for many textures.
4.  Added alphamask support to non-shadered meshes.
5.  Fixed bug with draw order of alpha surfaces and shadered surfaces.
6.  Rebuilt maps - dm-dynamo2k8, dm-omega2k8, dm-crucible2k8.
7.  New Cattle Prod map - cp-ribeye.
8.  All level shots now colored.
9.  Fixed bug with antilag.
10. Allowed standard vs full compensation with antilag.
11. Skybox cloud shader support added.
12. Added color options to steam effects(spawnflag controlled).
13. Removed unused legacy code in particle system, improved explosions blending.
14. Added vertical scrollbars to menu GUI, used with in-game server browser.
15. Added colored names support in server browser, and allowed servers to output them to query.
16. Greatly improved splash and spark effects.
17. Fixed bug with dynamic particle lighting and GLSL.
18. Added options for clients to change color of disruptor beams.
19. Added vegetation shader system.
20. Bots now get autoassigned teams, helps when rejoining team games when players leave to balance.
21. Added ejecting brass for chaingun.
22. Added sloshing water effect.
23. Added clock option.
24. Menu options for fov, showing fps, and showing clock.
25. Error checking in particle loading, to prevent crashes in cases of missing or damaged particle images.
26. Help section added to Galaxy menu, with useful links.
27. Mouse wheel support in in-game server browser.
28. Improved per-pixel lighting on meshes.
29. Added GLSL water shaders.
30. Stripped out old true reflective water code, impractical for a deathmatch game.

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