As per the previous entry, I would now like to report a partial answer given by Andre Da Costa.

In respect of the PDC 2008 Andre states that HE DIDNT attend.

He hasnt yet answered if he has ever recieved a free/gift/review laptop or desktop from Microsoft and/or its affiliated partners, but as soon as he does, it will be printed here as promised.

In the meantime here is a link to a picture of Andre and a brand new laptop.  Please draw no inference.  We will wait for Andre to respond to the second part of the question:!15961

and incase there should be a problem with the link, screen dumps have been taken.

In respect of the PDC question, Andres exact words were:

“I was not at PDC. I was sent the pre-beta code to review though.” Click here for the link to Microsoft Watch

In respect of had he recieved a free laptop, to me this was not answered in a clear way and hence why Ive been more specific with the question.  Andre had this to say (before the question was re-worded to be more specific)

“Goblin, I test Windows 7 on my own personal computers, no reviewers units here.” Click here for the link to Microsoft Watch

In my opinion that simply says he tests Windows 7 on his own machines and not a review machine.  This to me says nothing about if he has recieved free machines from Microsoft and/or its affiliated partners.  Hopefully Andre will clear up this matter simply when he answers the question.

As I say, Andre will get a right of reply, and Im more than happy to post his answers here.