“DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” – Andre Da Costa and friends!

Thom Holwerda has recieved approval from Andre Da Costa, but since Andre wont answer if he attended the PDC08 and if he has recieved a free laptop, how much is that opinion worth?
Thom Holwerda has recieved approval from Andre Da Costa, but since Andre wont answer if he attended the PDC08 and if he has recieved a free laptop, how much is that opinion worth?

So it appears after asking Andre Da Costa the question 15 times (please read this post), he is still not ready to answer yes or no.  Thats fine, I will draw inference from his silence.

Maybe Andre is too busy to respond, since on his own blog he has been agreeing with an article written (IMO) by someone who desperately wants to get in on the debate of OS’s but lacks the knowledge or “tech savvy” to do it.  So they produce an article of generalizations and implication.

For your enjoyment, please read the article here, and then return and we will break down this “damning report”!?!? on Linux users.  Before you click though, can I stress, the article is not a joke, its a legitimate (as far as I can tell) opinion.  We will then get on to the excited Andre’s blog and discuss that aswell.

Back? Ok lets have a look at some of the gems of information this chap is trying to imply:

“I find it slightly amusing that the people who are the most stern advocates of normal users moving away from Windows, trying out alternatives, are the same people who are usually lost whenever they themselves have to change their way of doing things. Do as I say, but not as I do.”

Now as I read this paragraph, I cannot help but think that the writer is trying to imply that if you read any opinion by anyone with IT experience(or certainly an opinion different to an MS one, IMO)  you should consider that they are not wanting to change (or get lost doing it) within the spirit of “do as I say, not as I do”  Unfortunately for Mr Holwerda, for many readers of Andres posts, having an endorsement from him is not really a good thing (IMO)  and since Andre hasnt answered the question regarding the PDC “discrepancy” in my opinion it places a question mark over anything he associates with.  Or is that just me?

For what purpose this (IMO) silly comment has been put there I do not know, but lets sit and think about Linux users for a minute.  Most (if not all) Linux users, still use Microsoft products in some capacity, it may be at work, it may be at home, it doesnt matter.  What should be noted is that I (and all of the other Open Source supporters Ive spoken with) change and learn new systems ALL THE TIME.  WE ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING AND ADAPTING/LEARNING.  Lets look at my situation:

Vista/XP at work (caught in the .net(sic))

Gentoo on two desktop rigs at home, and one Ubuntu on a laptop.

I have a 4th machine which has a different O/S or distro on it all the time, and currently has moved away from Linux completely whilst testing an install of AROS.

Open Source and Linux is free.  Despite what others may imply, just because you pay for something doesnt make it a better product.  Why not give Linux/Open Source a try.  You have nothing to lose!
Open Source and Linux is free. Despite what others may imply, just because you pay for something doesnt make it a better product. Why not give Linux/Open Source a try. You have nothing to lose!

If you look at any other open source (or Linux) user, you will find many “distro hopping” learning new systems is part of our love of computing.  Just like how I use Vista and XP at work, with Linux at home, I believe I am in a possition to make a comment about the differences about the two.  I would also say that since Im always learning new sytems (freeBSD) recently as well as AROS, I would say that I dont have a “do as I say not as I do” attitude.  Am I the only one believing that KDE was thrown into Mr Holwerda’s debate so that nobody could imply that infact the posts real motive was to push a message of “Ignore the alternative viewpoint, get Windows 7 ”  Maybe its just me thinking that.  Ill let you decide.

I will be purchasing Windows 7 on its release, I will be testing it (not some beta) and I will be commenting on it.  Oh, did I tell you I recently bought the wife a Mac, and thats another system Im getting to grips with.

Do as I say not as I do?  Dont make sweeping remarks Mr Thom Holwerda

I wont generalize about peoples credentials who promote Microsoft products, you shouldnt about “alternatives” users.  Although consider this Mr Holwerda, there are many people who rave about MS products who have never used Linux.  Are you saying people should ignore these opinions aswell?

Now onto our good friend Andre Da Costa, the man who has inspired more pro Linux posts on the Microsoft Watch site than any other user in the history of the site (IMO)

Of course Andre is lapping this article up.  Its great, and as usual our Andre likes to make a pro Microsoft comment, which would be fine, if he had thought about it before he did.

Andre says on his recent blog entry

“I too find it strange that persons who normally advocate migrations to alternative to platforms such as Linux or OS X would describe enhancements to an OS such as Vista or 7 or an application suite such as Office 2007 too much for the average user to bare.”

To which I would answer, thats certainly not been the allegations made on Microsoft Watch.  The question put to you (yes Andre and we are still awaiting the answer to other question about your attendance at the PDC) is that what does Microsoft offer, what you call “the average user” over the free Open Office, to make it a worthwhile purchase for the enduser?  The question has never been answered.

Maybe thats why you like Mr Holwerda’s opinion so much?  because if people listen to him, Im just a Linux user who has a “do as I say not as I do attitude”  If users simply want to part with cash, thats fine.  But what would be the harm in anyone trying out a free alternative first?

Moving onto Andres site, it appears that Microsoft finally got it act together and removed all the spam advertising for Nike Trainers.  Now our Andres first comment on his recent article was not a complaint about Vista, nor was it an advert (both were common place on his comments section) no my friends, his first comment was:

“Too many times people miss the freaking point. The problems with the new interfaces in MS aren’t with people who are not tech savvy, it’s with people who ARE tech savvy. My girlfriend was using Office 2007 and it took me a few minutes to help her find the freaking PRINT button. Nicely hidden, by the way. Excel 2007 is a nightmare to any professional who has ever used it. MS will fail with Windows 7, mark my words. When 99% of the population uses a PC for nothing more than surfing and the occassional word processing, why would anyone plop down hundreds of dollars on a new OS with a new interface that takes ANY time to re-learn? Change for change sake is not a great concept.”

Of course I was expecting either that being deleted or a countering “feature rich” comment to turn up.  I was not dissapointed:

“I predict that windows 7 will be a resounding sucess. New CAN be better if it offers new functionality. Windows 7 delivers that with spades. Besides the interface is more than familiar enough for seasoned users to get their computing done. And seriously, if yo can’t use a Modern GUI based computer you should just lable yourself a moron and stay off the computer.”

I remember Andre calling Vista a sucess.  Still saying that Andre?  But thats by the by, notice the trademark insult in the reply post?  If you care to look over at Microsoft Watch you will notice (IMO) there are very few pro-Microsoft posts that DONT contain insults.  Now looking further into the profile of this poster, he has no personal details and has apparently only made a single comment.  Guess where?  The same can be directed at the original commenter, however if Linux is no threat and Windows 7 is going to be so great, why bother with a come back?

Since Andre Da Costa is still refusing to answer with a simple yes or no to the question documented here I will let readers draw their own conclusions from his silence.  Why, IF he didnt attend the PDC and IF he didnt recieve a free laptop, a quick email with NO would put an end to this matter. Why he hasnt replied?

Did Andre Da Costa attend the PDC 08?  Has Andre Da Costa recieved a free laptop?  We dont know! He wont answer!
Did Andre Da Costa attend the PDC 08? Has Andre Da Costa recieved a free laptop? We dont know! He wont answer!

As many posts of his I find, I will repeat the question.  At time of writing this he has been asked around 15 times.  Lets see how many it takes for him to answer.   You would think he would be keen to clear this matter up and to you Andre I say this.  If you tell us you didnt attend and didnt recieve a free laptop, I will challenge the site implying you did myself.  I will get them to correct their false information.

I ask you not only in the interests of fairness (afterall are you happy about what the other site is implying?) but also in the interests of honest posting.  If you have infact recieved a free laptop, dont your readers deserve to know that so they can judge your impartiality themselves?  Dont you think it reasonable that your readers would like to know the truth?  This is your oportunity Andre to set the record straight.  As I say, should you contact me, I will print your response as your “right of reply” and then this matter can be layed to rest once and for all.

How long will it take you to email a simple yes or no?



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