Ive wanted to post this for a while, and since it appears Andre Da Costa has returned to the Microsoft Watch site after an uncharacteristic silence, I thought Id post my open letter to him.

Andre Da Costa is a regular poster on Microsoft Watch, you can find many of his posts very easily on there and on the net.  His blog can be found at and he also sometimes posts under the handle “adacosta”.  He may use other handles, but this is the only one which I know to be him (although keep in mind, there are other, non IT related posters shown on Google with that handle)

I am not going to debate Andres posting style nor his reasons for posting, I would ask you look at his previous posts on Microsoft Watch and decide for yourself.

Andre Da Costa has repeatedly not answered a question that I put to him on Microsoft Watch, and I hope anyone who is reading this having linked from a Google search, will consider asking this question of him as I believe it is important.  Now follows the open letter to Andre Da Costa, which if you are reading this Andre, Id love you to reply.  You can do so via email (so I can confirm its legitimate) and I will be happy to print your response in its entirerity here.  Andre, the email address is

Dear Andre Da Costa,

I have repeatedly asked you the question on if you attended the PDC 2008.  I saw on your blog that you said you were not going (I have made a screen dump of that page if you have trouble finding it)  I then noticed on the following link: that the site was implying you were there and infact recieved a review laptop.

As youve said before on Microsoft Watch, you are not a Microsoft Shill, so in the interests of the truth and your readers knowing the extent of your impartiality, I believe that you should clear this matter up.

I look forward to your response, and if you care to do it by email, I will print it on the Openbytes site as your right of reply.




Add yours

  1. Oops! Busted!!

    PDC = MTV

    Where originality, creativity and, in many cases, individualism and talent goes to die to be turned into mass produced shills.

    I’m a developer who uses Microsoft products, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sell out at PDC.

    Besides, did anyone see the agenda?
    I don’t think I’m that desperate to be bored to tears either.

  2. I’m late to the game here but just wanted to let you know that the odds of ever getting a reply to this question are precisely nil.
    No offense, but like Mr. Da Costa, I wouldn’t bother engaging someone who has such a poor grasp of basic English.

  3. Hi Neil….

    “No offense, but like Mr. Da Costa, I wouldn’t bother engaging someone who has such a poor grasp of basic English.”

    Yet, you took the time to make that reply?


    Ok. Sorry to have wasted your time. Maybe you could give me some pointers?

  4. Don’t you just love it when someone contradicts their own sentiment by just showing up? 😉

    “poor grasp of basic English” ?
    Quite a few industry leaders would be offended by that statement considering English isn’t their first language. And even if it was, this isn’t The Times; It’s a blog.

    If a less than immaculate sentence structure would prevent an answer, then we’re prideful and petty indeed!

    Someone needs to get with the times here as the empire, on which the Sun never sets, died half a century ago.

  5. Hi Eksith

    I love the “cheeky little comments” that some people slip in after an article has past its sell by date.

    The English comment is one thats often thrown at me and since this blog, chat rooms, newsgroups, work and family duties are all being done at the same time, its often difficult to keep tabs on how perfect my English is (add to this sometimes I’m forced to post with an MDA mail, which has a very unique predictive text that won’t disable properly.)

    Thankfully for Neil I am from the UK, or that comment could have been insulting. I think my errors (or any errors) show a degree of realism, I have an honest held belief in what I say, I don’t seek to convince people with either FUD or deception. I encourage people to research other opinion and I certainly don’t try to pass myself off as a definitive word on anything.

    I am pleased I make mistakes, it makes me human, it makes me “real” and I’m also pleased there are people like Neil to point that out.


    1. Sorry. I make it a point not to feed the trolls, but the “poor grasp of basic English” comment really did bother me.

      Especially since a sizable number of MS employees are ironically from Asia (where I’m from) and the strength of the language there is hardly a worthy measure to judge the strength of ideas.

  6. No problem at all Eksith, infact you helped. I wanted Neil to come back so I could put my above views across. Your post let me do that.

    I have no problem feeding trolls infact I actively do it whenever I can, I feel that their behavior speaks for itself and also serves to back up my points.

    Theres been many trolls on BN. I tend to feed them by treating them with flippant comments designed to make whatever they say look foolish, after all they are wasting my time, why should I not waste theirs and have a little fun whilst everyone points and laughs at them.

    I think its ironic that I’ve been in contact with an anti Bullying charity that uses FOSS since (myself) and many other FOSS users are subjected to insults and scare tactics merely for voicing an alternative view. Whilst FOSS champions are not upset by this it still serves to show how low people will go in order to try to silence the FOSS voice.

    Eksith, you (and anyone else) are welcome to feed trolls, or post whatever you like. I celebrate peoples freedom of speech…you don’t have to appologize to me for anything…you are always welcome here.

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