NEW LINUX RELEASES – Into 2009 with some great updates!

Its been too long since we’ve had software highlighted here, so here is a small list of updates to excellent packages that have already been reviewed here and this month have had new versions released.  I saw no point in re-reviewing the original work, so the list merely intends to highlight the updates.

PokerTH 0.6.3 The popular game of Texas Holdem has had a new version released.  It includes improved GFX a feature to kick players from a room (good if a user has gone AFK and not left the game)  You can read our original review here.  Then visit the PokerTH Homepage and download!   Well worth a download if you are a fan of the game and in my opinion the definative version on the Linux platform!

Sega Saturn Emulation on Linux? Expect a full testing and review in the next few days!
Sega Saturn Emulation on Linux? Expect a full testing and review in the next few days of Yabause!

In other releases, we have Wine 1.1.13 (development version) which continues to add to its already massive list of features.  For anyone interested in the the Wine software, you can see the current compatability chart.  I bet there will be a few people that will be amazed just how many modern and complex titles actually run with Wine!  If you want to see the Openbytes view on Wine, then click here.

A new paint package called Nathive has been released in Alpha form (0.813) and aims to provide a smoother learning curve of a paint package for everyone.   I wish the product luck, since I been looking for a suitable image editor to the Gimp (I simply dont need all the features, and find its learning curve rather steep)

Yabause is a Sega Saturn emulator which is due for the treatment on Openbytes.  It reports a number of Saturn ISO images playable and is currently in version 0.9.9 visit the site and check it out, or wait for the Openbytes report soon!

It appears that Linux is very well supported in terms of emulation.  From the description on the site, the emulator handles .ISO format only.


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