MICROSOFT – Going into 2009 – Whats next?

It seems like recently I am doing nothing but appologizing for lack of posts of this site.  This is due to two reasons.  Firstly the beginning of the year is a very busy time for me at work, and secondly an open source project I am working on is taking up much of my spare time.

Heres a summary of some Microsoft woes so far this year that have caught my attention:

Microsoft have been in battle with the EU again, this time regarding Internet Explorer with its Windows operating system.  Yet again Microsoft appear to have been burned by the EU, who say ” tying Explorer to Windows distorts competition and gives Microsoft an “artificial distribution advantage which other web browsers are unable to match.” Oh dear.  If you would like to read an article on this, head over to

For those that have heard about Zune (Microsofts Itunes if you will) may have heard about the spectacular crash some of its systems had.  Many unhappy customers reported freezes, and I wonder how many new years eve parties which were relying on a Zune jukebox were disapointed.  You can read an article about this “unfortunate incident” (as Andre Da Costa said recently on Microsoft Watch) by visiting


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