bill-gates-bsodI wont bore with one of my wordy articles.

Simply a link to another article on the new and improved for Windows 7 – “Blue Screen of Death”  I cant see much of an improvement over the old BSOD myself, but Im sure since Windows 7 is still in beta, Microsoft would be open to suggestions to improve it.

Maybe lift style music whilst its displayed?

What about Greensleeves?

And for any of you who want to get yourself in the mood for more BSOD’s when Windows 7 is released, get yourself to this link for a musical tribute.

On a final note, this post is dedicated to Dave on Microsoft Watch.  I hope its not too religious or predictable for you.


4 thoughts on “LATEST RELEASE – Windows 7 BSOD!

Add yours

  1. I’d like to see that nice Windows login screen background on the BSOD 😀 I like your suggestion of music, maybe Microsoft could write a BSOD soundtrack… 😀

  2. Talking of the video and thinking about Microsofts release of “retro clothing” they should of considered selling a BSOD t-shirt (as seen at the beginning of the vid) I think they would be onto a winner!

    Nice seeing you on my blog! Youre always welcome.


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