Hary's giving that dead horse a good flogging and the only thing "deader" is his sense of humor.
Hary's giving that dead horse a good flogging and the only thing "deader" is his sense of humor.

As many know I challenge anything that consider inappropriate, our self confessed MS employee Hary Hobbs who cant understand that posting under a handle with a couple of letters different to a shill/troll poster who was deleted from MS watch is a problem, or could cause confusion is not finished.

The person Hary Gobbs, not content with IMO bringing the Microsoft name in further disrepute by belittling mental health and throwing childish insults towards me, has not finished.  Hes now calling me a liar and claims I distort the truth!

I wouldnt even begin to argue the point.  I stand by everything I say and also make it clear it is my opinion.

I am beginning to believe that Hary cant leave this alone because he has a team of employees (as per his previous admition) who are reading this as well and he doesnt want to loose face with them.  Its very interesting how he, even now after my pointers still manages to dig holes for himself.  I remember clearly in one of his previous posts he claimed he felt stupid for getting into the pointless argument. – Really? then what are you doing coming back for more?

Anyway the reason I posted this is not because there is anything of interest in the silly argument that Hary Gobbs cannot get his head around.  Nor is it the unique humour that Hary has, where he claims that chaning a G to an H on a handle is funny.  The reason I posted this entry is because Ive asked Hary the question.  Its the question that no MS employee would want to answer.  Designed by yours truly!  Its a clever little question of mine, first Ill quote it and then Ill explain why its clever.

After receiving years of feedback, comments and suggestions about XP, do you believe Microsoft took all this on board and released Vista? Do you believe Vista represents the “best of XP”?

To the casual computer user there appears nothing wrong with it.  Its a normal question that needs a yes/no answer.  But not for someone who either works for MS or promotes it.

You see, if you answer YES its implying that Vista is believed by Microsoft to be great.  Microsoft IMO know this wont wash with people that have actually used it, and I believe that if people think MS believe Vista IS the best of XP, they are going to have no faith in Windows 7, afterall “if MS think Vista is great, how can we trust what they say about Win 7?”

Now if they answer no, its implying that despite XP being a functional and relatively stable OS, when Microsoft released Vista is was not the best of XP.  So why did MS release it?

I hope he answers, if he does it will be posted here.  Although IMO I think hes best off ignoring it.  He’s already IMO brought the MS name into disrepute by associating them with his inappropriate comments.  Maybe if you were thinking of applying for a job at Microsoft you should look at Harys comments.  They seem to be acceptable to them, and Hary hasnt apologized for his behavior so I presume he’s not worried.

The link is here – Maybe you could give me some pointers on how to make Hary understand why his handle was such an issue?  Or maybe someone could explain Harys sense of humor to me.  I must be slow.  I just cant get it.