Hary Gobbs – Still here – Still flogging the dead horse

Hary's giving that dead horse a good flogging and the only thing "deader" is his sense of humor.
Hary's giving that dead horse a good flogging and the only thing "deader" is his sense of humor.

As many know I challenge anything that consider inappropriate, our self confessed MS employee Hary Hobbs who cant understand that posting under a handle with a couple of letters different to a shill/troll poster who was deleted from MS watch is a problem, or could cause confusion is not finished.

The person Hary Gobbs, not content with IMO bringing the Microsoft name in further disrepute by belittling mental health and throwing childish insults towards me, has not finished.  Hes now calling me a liar and claims I distort the truth!

I wouldnt even begin to argue the point.  I stand by everything I say and also make it clear it is my opinion.

I am beginning to believe that Hary cant leave this alone because he has a team of employees (as per his previous admition) who are reading this as well and he doesnt want to loose face with them.  Its very interesting how he, even now after my pointers still manages to dig holes for himself.  I remember clearly in one of his previous posts he claimed he felt stupid for getting into the pointless argument. – Really? then what are you doing coming back for more?

Anyway the reason I posted this is not because there is anything of interest in the silly argument that Hary Gobbs cannot get his head around.  Nor is it the unique humour that Hary has, where he claims that chaning a G to an H on a handle is funny.  The reason I posted this entry is because Ive asked Hary the question.  Its the question that no MS employee would want to answer.  Designed by yours truly!  Its a clever little question of mine, first Ill quote it and then Ill explain why its clever.

After receiving years of feedback, comments and suggestions about XP, do you believe Microsoft took all this on board and released Vista? Do you believe Vista represents the “best of XP”?

To the casual computer user there appears nothing wrong with it.  Its a normal question that needs a yes/no answer.  But not for someone who either works for MS or promotes it.

You see, if you answer YES its implying that Vista is believed by Microsoft to be great.  Microsoft IMO know this wont wash with people that have actually used it, and I believe that if people think MS believe Vista IS the best of XP, they are going to have no faith in Windows 7, afterall “if MS think Vista is great, how can we trust what they say about Win 7?”

Now if they answer no, its implying that despite XP being a functional and relatively stable OS, when Microsoft released Vista is was not the best of XP.  So why did MS release it?

I hope he answers, if he does it will be posted here.  Although IMO I think hes best off ignoring it.  He’s already IMO brought the MS name into disrepute by associating them with his inappropriate comments.  Maybe if you were thinking of applying for a job at Microsoft you should look at Harys comments.  They seem to be acceptable to them, and Hary hasnt apologized for his behavior so I presume he’s not worried.

The link is here – Maybe you could give me some pointers on how to make Hary understand why his handle was such an issue?  Or maybe someone could explain Harys sense of humor to me.  I must be slow.  I just cant get it.


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  1. I woldnt bother with him i cant believe he is still posting.

    Have you read the email I sent yet?

  2. Do you believe Vista represents the “best of XP”?


    I’m reminded of how children cover their ears and go “la, la, la, la” when they refuse to hear something.

    And MS thinking Vista is great is similar in concept to a mother who thinks a vagabond son still has redeeming qualities. That’s to say, Vista isn’t the complete bastard a lot of people proclaim it to be. But I haven’t been this underwhelmed by a release since Die Hard 2.

    As is always the case when hype overtakes qualities of the original…

    Vista is only the symptom of a much larger problem.
    Microsoft needs to take a long hard look at itself if Win 7 is going to make it.

    And this “Hary” fellow looks to be some sort of loony. I wouldn’t bother trying to convince him of anything.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I didn’t recall you leaving your site or email address on the other thread, but I tracked it down. I’ll probably pop in occasionally.

    (I doubt there will be any blatant impersonation here, but if it occurs when I’m not here, I trust you’ll know the fake from the real deal.)

  4. Hi people! Thanks for coming to my little blog. Youre always welcome!

    I dont believe I should force or coerse anyone to my site, so I never link to it myself. I rely on the people who want to look finding it themselves (a procedure I hope they follow when they see any facts/opinions on the net)

    If anyone gets tired of trying to fight off personal insults from an MS-pr poster, they should use the above question. As you can see from Hary, he wont answer, and it makes it very difficult for them.

    All I am after is honesty on the net (and a decent debate by people who are not pro-ms because of a financial interest)

    It is also strange that Hary only likes to post on older threads, if you care to look back on this blog, I got into a similar debate with someone doing exactly the same. Are the two the same? Who knows?

    Another point I wish to make, Hary thinks that the converation we had was a waste of time. For me it highlights many items, firstly an alleged MS employee posting in such a childish and derogatory way, and secondly an alleged MS employee with no counter argument. It was certainly not a waste of time, and another addition to the portfolio of evidence highlighting the truly bias and financially motivated on the net.

  5. Oh dear, I may be in some trouble 😉

    To clarify: I am pro-MS, but only for (certain) technologies. But definitely not their business practicies, which I firmly believe would be labeled as “facism” if conducted by government officials.

    I’m a programmer who is currently using C# for the majority of my projects. The big reasons being the cross platform protability, rapid development and the large number of programmers already familiar with the language.

    If I need to train employees for a company or aid their programmers with modifications or documentation, I already have a lot of help.

    Yes, the potential patent issue is a big concern for me.
    And, as you may already know, the Mono project, which allows C# ports to Linux, Mac and FreeBSD is sponsored by Novell.


    MS isn’t the unmovable monolith it once was.
    I think they bit off a lot more than they could chew by espousing (or pretending to espouse) Open Source ideals.
    If they decide to assert those pontential patents any of their own “Source available” and/or “free” releases, I think we’ll see government intervention on behalf of consumers.

    They aren’t the only software/technology lobby out there.

  6. Thanks very much for visiting my site. Your input is appreciated.

    I cant argue with the benefits of portability of c# and to be fair unlike in the past where an inferior (IMO) language (VB) destroyed the chances of a better equivalent (Delphi) I think that it does have advantages. If c# and/or Mono project were produced by anyone else, I would be supporting them.

    This time around (IMO) it isnt a Microsoft buggy environment I am challenging, its the practices. It doesnt take a scientist to understand that there is no money in open source for Microsoft. Why would they be interested in it?

    I think it was Roy from Boycott Novell who stated that MS doesnt like Linux as there is “not one particular neck to throttle”.

    Regardless of what people claim about Novells intentions, I am convinced that the MONO project is the way Microsoft is getting into the open source scene. Ive said before, since MS threatened and Novell jumped into bed with them, I cannot understand why Microsoft would sit back and let them support MONO if it was going to be so great for Linux.

    I believe its a new technique MS is being forced to use, in order to penetrate markets that are no longer interested in anything they have to say. This type of parasitic behaviour enables MS to crawl into your PC via covert means, and only when you’ve been dependent on it, and used to using it will it reveal itself.

    Its been said before that MS can play the waiting game, or even loose money in order to achieve its long term goals. This is what it is doing (IMO) with MONO, and I believe the people at Redmond are going with the attitude “Let the linux loons have a taster, in a couple of years they will be ours”

    The real shame here is that the development environment itself is great. Whilst Python may be a good scripting language and very portable, its not, (IMO) half as robust.

  7. Can I also add, that I agree eksith also with your patent comment.

    MS have already been burned by the EU in regards to anti-trust. I think MS’s biggest fear is to actually press “the red button” and use its patent portfolio. Once one attempt fails the entire thing will be worthless and MS (IMO) will have nothing in which to intimidate others.

    I bet Novell wishes they had just “sat it out”

  8. Well they say that even a stone building will crumble and fall once roots and weeds grow into the crevices.

    If MS is planting roots into OS via Novell in hopes of crumbling it, then you’re right. But if that happens, I can see developers switching tracks instantly to DotGNU. So I’m not quite ready to abandon hopes of C# portability without strings attached. And Mono has a fairly large contribution base that won’t stand for anything of the sort and may even fork the project if necessary.

    This is what happened to the Mambo project. When the Mamo foundation decided to assert more control against the developers’ wishes, they went and formed Joomla.

    The problem with VB, I think, was that it allowed novice programmers to write shoddy code. When used properly, mature languages can do amazing things. But if the learning curve consists of a few reads from a poorly written textbook, then you’ll rarely see great programs.

    What really killed Delphi is that there wasn’t a free version that would allow commercial dev projects from the start. That train had already left with VB aboard when one was available. People are very cautious of implementations that won’t allow them to sell a product in the future. After all, why spend money to use a new language tomorrow when you can sell a product made with a free one today.

    I think this is really one area where MS learned a lesson and released free developer tools for .Net . They wanted to make sure C# in particular got adopted. It couldn’t have been a coincidence that Anders Hejlsberg, who designed Delphi, just happens to be project lead.

    Python does have it’s issues with portability, however, there’s also a .Net variant for it. But I’d have to agree, there is no contest there.

  9. Hi,
    I am not sure why Akismet is holding your posts for my approval. I dont have censorship on this site, so I appologise for you having to wait for your post to appear. I completely echo what you are saying. For me Delphi will always have a special place in my heart, and whilst Ive given a look at Lazarus, I think my Pascal days are well and truly over.

  10. It might have been because I placed links in my post.
    No worries… I’ve visited your blog before, I know you don’t censor anyone.

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