Happy new year! – A little late

With being so busy over the last 24 hours I forgot to say happy new year to the (few) readers of my blog.

I have enjoyed greatly my past few months of bloging, and getting involved in the open source scene.  I have spoken with many people privately, whom I would hope I could consider as new friendships, and to me this is one of the best things about the open source community.

I have found everyone involved in the open source scene, friendly, helpful and without agenda. There are many generous people out there who give their time/expertise to open source, not for money, but an overriding belief that software should be free and open to everyone.

There have been many attacks on my character over the past months, so I would just like to say this: I would never consider myself the definetive word on anything (except maybe my favorite football team!) and I would always encourage a suspicion of anything you read on the net (including mine) until you have researched it yourself.

Windows users & Linux users alike, happy new year and whatever software you choose to run, do so as an informed decision!

I will hopefully speak to some of you by email, or even lock horns on MS Watch!

All the best for the new year



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