Firstly, Ill have to explain what Zune is, since in my circle of friends nobody has a clue.  Think of Zune as Microsofts Itunes, if you want to read more about the product, go to the Wiki page by clicking here.

It is already established that Ipod dominates the music market, poor old Zune doesnt really get a lookin, and now it is being reported that 30gig Zune owners are finding out that their Zune has a bug, a rather annoying bug.  Although, what better excuse to treat yourself to a new media player?

In my opinion its another example of Microsoft missing the boat in a market, and not only that its another device with issues (remember the 360 faults)

On Wednesday 31st December, complaints on the Net were abound by an internal clock error on the Zune which caused it to freeze.  Apparently Microsoft says everything will be ok by thursday – so thats ok then.?!!?

You can read the full article by clicking here. (Wallstreet Journal)

Also, check out an excellent article regarding Zune over at Boycott Novell

I believe it wont be long before the only place Zune will be remembered will be the pages of Wikipedia.


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