JOE WILCOX – Victim of a shill poster – Microsoft Watch has an imposter!

Or/ Shill posters suffer identity crisis on MS Watch.

Its been a turbulent time over on Microsoft Watch.  Theres been all sorts of impersonations. fudging and lies.  At one point the shillers even confused themselves, but now they have moved onto impersonating Joe Wilcox and making their claims in the hopes of discrediting me.

Very clever.

Or not, since when the real Joe returns, we can see who is “real” and who is not.

I believe the activites that have been going on over at Microsoft Watch are typical of the shill tactics that Boycott Novell is reporting about (see links below)  I dont believe there is a better example of the underhanded tactics than what is going on over at Microsoft Watch at the moment, and there appears to be people genuinely worried.

So lets move onto the links.  For those who would like to see the type of claims made on Boycott Novell in action take a look:


and also


This has now resulted in the real Joe Wilcox making a statement on the site but before we do that, lets remind ourselves of the link that caused all the problems in the first place, it was the article on Boycott Novell exposing the alleged practices of Microsoft.  For those that have not read it, please click here.  Everyone else can move onto Joe Wilcox’s response.

Well, guys,

This is the real Joe. The only IP address being monitored here is the fake Joe. Somebody has got some balls.

There is absolutely no way in hell that I would ban the IP addresses for regular commenters like Goblin or the Hand. As I’ve repeatedly said, there is no censorship here at Microsoft Watch. That said, I am seriously considering unpublishing fake Joe.

I’ve been sick for a couple weeks and not monitoring the comments as closely as usual. This is my first comment to this post. Any others from so-called Joe aren’t me.

Guys, keep up the lively debate. You don’t have to fear any banning here.

To show that I am real, I am putting in links to my two slideshows over at eWEEK. Two links in any comment sends it to the Junk folder. As the real Joe, I can access that folder and publish the comment.

Happy New Year!

The real Joe Wilcox


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