REVIEW: iDeaS v1.0.2.7 – Another option for DS emulation on Linux

iDeaS is another DS emulator for the Linux platform that I discovered recently.  Supporting the dual screen of the Nintendo DS and allowing

Playing NDS titles on your Linux distro is a possibility!
Playing NDS titles on your Linux distro is a possibility! and there is currently no better software to do it than iDeaS v1.0.2.7!input through mouse/keyboard/gamepad.

I am sure I dont have to explain what a Nintendo DS is and if I do, then you probably would not have use for this software anyway.

This particular Linux version was released on 13th November 2008. Testing the package through Ubuntu 8.10, provides very good compatibility and speed, however like other alternatives out there, sound emulation appears to be buggy and incomplete and will infact hamper the performance of the emulation if switched on (that was certainly the case on my system)

On a few random tests of rom files. I was able to keep a decent frame rate, scrolling was smooth and emulation of opcodes (seems) pretty comprehensive.  The memory footprint for this package is low, but where I can really see this package coming into its own is for the testing of your own software, without the need for a dev kit.

The current beta is, which was released on the Windows platform on 21.12.08, so I am sure that the Linux version will be along shortly.  The good news with this emulator appears to be the commitment to it (keeping in mind the most recent release date) I hope anyone who is wanting to get involved in DS emulation will support the author, and the nice thing about the work is that its catering for Windows and Linux users alike.

Once the archive is downloaded, its simply a case of unpacking it to a directory and running it from there.  No complex terminal instructions, and no installation issues that would make it unfriendly for the newer user.  The GUI is comprehensive, and its not hard to get the emulator runing a rom within a few seconds , without the need to read the instruction manual!  The package is about 350k in size, so even the slowest connections will have it in seconds.  No execuses! Download now!

It is my opinion that iDeaS currently offers the best in DS emulation on Linux at the present time.

Here is a list of features/fixes for the latest stable version:

  • Fixed bugs in Console Window.
  • Fixed bugs in Palette Viewer.
  • Fixed bugs in VRAMCNT_F,VRAMCNT_G.
  • Fixed bugs in Textures Management.
  • Fixed bugs in BGxCNT registers.

Click here to visit the official website! and remember to show your support to the author!


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