GARY HOBBS – Confused individual or shill?

With all the quickness of a slug, Gary Hobbs forgets which of his handles he is using over on Microsoft Watch, DOH!  To call him a shill would be misrepresentation.  I prefer the name troll.
With all the quickness of a slug, Gary Hobbs forgets which of his handles he is using over on Microsoft Watch, DOH! To call him a shill would be misrepresentation. I prefer the name troll.

Just a quick extra post in regards to fun and games by our very naughty shill posters.  You may have read the article here where the shillers seem to moved towards homophobia as a way to peddle their wares/opinions.  I wonder which firms pay for this type of shilling service?

Gary Hobbs was not finished though, and little did I know that after his, IMO homophobic little post, he’s also slipped up.

If anyone was in any doubt that Gary Hobbs (and that will not be his real name) posts under numerous handles, the evidence can be read here where Gary appears to forget that he’s posting as Gary Hobbs and refers to that name as another person.  Its a slip up only the truly slow and desperate could make, and he’s done it for all of us to see.

So whilst Gary is probably sitting in front of his computer with his head in his hands thinking “doh”, we can all laugh at the shill poster who really isnt offering value for money to the company that employs him.

Better luck next time Gary.

Of course, this is a light hearted look at a serious topic, however I think the point being is that you must be very careful about “facts” you read on the net.  There are odious individuals around, like the poster behind Gary Hobbs who have no morals, no sense of decency and no problem using whatever means they can in order to promote whatever it is that they have sold their integrity for.  The shame for the shiller is, just as I became involved in actively writing about open source/proprietary issues because I saw others insulted, there are a few people who will produce their own sites because of mine.

I have received a number of emails from individuals who want to do the same thing, they want to challenge the underhanded techniques and they want to ensure that people are aware of alternatives and not some 1 dimensional piece of propaganda that a shiller will put forward.  This is the way we will challenge these shill posters, by presenting the facts by countering their lies and by spreading our experiences of Linux/Open source to others.

In a last minute development another post has appeared and this time from Hary Hobbs. (Coincidence eh?) anyway he is claiming to be working on a team for Microsoft, so, I would like to put this question out to anyone who may work for the company in a senior position.  Is Gary Hobbs posts the Microsoft line?  Are you happy to have him post in this way?  or are you saying you do not employ this individual?

I am guessing we wont get a response.  From past experience, difficult questions simply get ignored when they cant be fudged away with silly facts.



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  1. These tactics are common with these users. Gary is not very good though and I think its more likely you are right and he is a child. If hes not a child, its worrying that there are adults willing to post in such an infantile way.

  2. Gary has been great!
    Ive received so many emails about the whole sorry thread. The question that needs to be answered now is:

    Does Gary actually work for Microsoft?

    Is Microsoft happy for people to post in this way?

    I think I will send an email to Microsoft informing them of this behaviour and we may even get a response. Whatever I think of MS, I dont believe they promote vulgar and homophobic posting by their employees.

    We’ll see what Microsoft management have to say.


  3. Hi MS-Myfraudsoft!

    Im not sure. I think maybe that post was done out of devilment by someone else, I dont think Gary would be stupid enough to dig his hole deeper by posting here. To be honest, I didnt notice that comment until now.

    It does highlight though what I said over on MS Watch, that I really hope that some of these shillers are not well meaning Linux fans, posing as MS shills in order to promote Linux.

    I consider open source to have the moral highground. We know our products are better, but I would not want anyone mislead into trying open source, Id rather them come to their own conclusions like I did. Unlike the Redmond firm, we are not wanting money, unlike proprietary firms who want your cash and want it now, we can wait.

    When people finally do come over to open source and Linux in particular, hopefully they too will spread their experiences and encourage others to try it for themselves.

    Word of mouth and honest held belief are the things which will enlighten others.

    If there are any shillers reading (and I mean the real ones, who wont comment) take note of actions of others over on MS Watch. I am not someone who can be intimidated, and whilst I hide behind a handle, I would be prepared to change that if I believe you have libeled me in anyway.

    Also, can I ask that you think before you post. There is nothing more annoying than “locking horns” with a shiller, when I know Ive already won the argument. Please dont make it easy for me. Consider what you type. Think to yourself, how will this be interpreted by others. Do not fall into the traps that others before you have done and last but not least do not do what Gary did, and forget which handle you were using to shill.

    I cant believe this, Im giving shillers tips on how to do their job. I suppose its out of a desire to get a challenge out of one of them.

    Bit of a confession here now for you all. There was one time when I believe I was challenged. I locked horns with someone who I consider to be a formidable opponent. I dont think for one minute that he is a shiller (he’s far too educated) but his knowledge, typing style and general intellect were something that I saw as a major problem. Who was that user I hear you ask? A chap called Portuno who posted on MS-Watch.

    The funny thing is, much of what he says I actually agree with (and I have openly agreed with him on some of his points), still, hes a formidable debater and its a shame he hasnt been on MS watch for a while.


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