WELCOME BACK – An unpleasant, but not unexpected attack on me.

Trying to get the better of Goblin can get you hot under the collar.
Trying to get the better of Goblin can get you hot under the collar.

Hi all! Im back posting after a nice little few days of xmas relaxation with the family, and what a mess Ive come back to!

Readers may have been aware that the post which makes a comparison between a photo of Steve Ballmer and Frankenstiens Monster is repeatedly being hit with spam attempts. Is it a coincidence? Im sure it is. If you want to see that post, click here!

Unlike a Microsoft blog though IMO (e.g Andre Da Costa) WordPress and Akismet managed to block it all without any input from me.

So lets move onto a little news.  The excellent site Boycott Novel has run an excellent scoop regarding Microsoft Shill posters which has some eye opening allegations.  Click here to read it! I wont go into any further detail, as Roy deserves the credit for this excellent post.

Moving on, but on a related note, fancy seeing some unhanded tactics being employed?  Click here and read the thread where I am libeled, insulted and my sexual orientation brought into play.  It makes interesting reading.  Ill let you make up your own mind.  I hope you can see what level some shillers are willing to stoop to.  They dont care about insulting people, they dont care about peoples feelings, they simply care about pimping a product at all costs.

To the people behind that little “effort” thank you.  Thank you for giving me the enthusiasm to continue on, thank you for giving me reason to keep promoting open source and freedom of choice and finally thank you for the laugh you gave me with your primitive attempts at getting the better of me!  Your reasoning skills are not up to the job unfortunately, and next time Id ask for more of a challenge.

Thank you and happy new year!



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