LORD OF THE SHILLS 21/12/08 – One shill to rule them all.

Ghostmike is a MS supporter.  He likes Linux though, as long as its Novell providing it.
Ghostmike is an MS supporter. He likes Linux though, as long as its Novell providing it.

This lord of the shills is a little late, Id like to say I been busy reading up on the latest happenings in the world of IT.  Id like to say that Ive been highlighting the benefits of open source to a community.  Truth is, I havent and if you read yesterdays entry you will probably have a good idea of where my time has been spent recent.

I admit it.  I am a WOW adict.  Ive said before Ive no problems with proprietary software providing it is value for money, and since that is the case for World of Warcraft, I support it fully.  Unfortunately its been to the detriment of this blog (however I hope the Wine feature will give some Windows WOW fans the incentive to try Linux)

It was by blind luck (or Santa arriving early) that I was presented (IMO) with an example of what many of us have read about on the net.  We’ve all heard about the alleged practices Microsoft employs in order to push its products onto people.  Now there are many different views on this and I think the Xfiles ethos of “Trust no-one” is best employed when seeking to make a hardware/software decision.  One thing is for certain, there are people on the net who’s financial interest rest on selling you things.

Right, moving on.  Firstly id like you to take a look at Microsoft Watch (on the thread linked here)

Read it?  Now Im most interested in the posts of ghostmike.  Notice his typing style?  Notice after asking “the question” he returns with the handle @goblin posts a pro MS message, then returns again under Ghostmike agreeing with it and trying to imply I said it.  Now we’ve all talked about “fudging facts” before, and to me this is an excellent example.

Next Ghostmike (our MS supporter) then makes an admition, he uses linux!!! But hang on, suprise, suprise its…….SUSE!  To me, this pro-MS poster has confirmed what many say on the internet, that being SUSE (and Novell) are “MS approved”  (IMO)

So for this week Ghostmike who posts on Microsoft Watch wins our Lord of the Shills, welldone Mike (who after calling me gobby, I believe is from the UK).

Merry Xmas Ghostmike, I hope your future shilling meets with better results and I hope my advice was of help to you.

To everyone else, WordPress has done an excellent job of filtering out spam in the comments.  I dont believe Ive ever once had to delete a comment from an article.  WordPress also (unlike other blogging sites eh Andre?) lets, if you wish to review the spam and also says which particular entries it is aimed at.

Over the last week, there has been a massive amount of spam which WordPress  has stopped and guess which post it was aimed at?  The “VISTA is loved! We’ve got it all wrong”.  No other articles have been hit, not that it matters as I havent had to do anything, but it is certainly interesting that only one particular entry on my blog gets hit.  I am sure its all just a coincidence. Thank you WordPress (Akismet) for being so effective.

All the best.



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