FEATURE: WINE 1.0.1 – WORLD OF WINECRAFT (Wrath of the Lich King)

Wrath of the Lich King, is the game to be playing if you are a fan of RPG's! you can with Linux! No excuses!

Do you like the title?  World of Winecraft?!

There are many reports on Wine, with compatibility charts and performance comparisons, I intend to take a look at it slightly differently.

I have an adiction, a guilty pleasure if you will for World Of Warcraft (Wrath of the Lich King).  A Windows online RPG that really I cannot say enough good things about it.  With this in mind, I decided that the best test/report would be to compare WOW running under a Linux flag with its native Windows Environment.  I will also list what problems exist on running it through Wine (and how to avoid them)

Ok, first up I need to say for the purposes of this feature, I am using Ubuntu 8.10 (Gnome) and Wine (stable) 1.0.1  The installation I am using of WOW is NOT installed via Wine, but installed some time ago on a XP partition.  XP SP3 is being used for the “experiment”

Loading times:

For both systems, the load time of the WOW client, and the accessing of the server were (as best I could tell) identical.  Running WOW in Linux did encounter (on my rig anyway) an issue immediately, so if you check to the bottom of this feature, you may discover you have the same issue and you can find out how to get around it.  Check out the section Problems/Issues.


As far as I can tell, Wine handled WOW in exactly the same way as XP.  There are a few “gliches” I noticed, which again if you check the Problems /Issues section, you can see what they were for me. (edit, these have now been fixed, see below!)


Flawless, Wine ran WOW in this area exactly the same as XP did.  I have not encountered any sound/music errors/glitches whatsoever.


Being able to fairly compare the two platforms would be difficult.  WOW is full of online users doing their own thing, so the conditions of a completely fair test would be difficult.  Having said that framerate wise I would say there is no difference between the two, HOWEVER.  Wine/Ubuntu appears to handle the memory allocation of the game alot better.  On XP it appears the swap file is facilitated alot, occassionally causing short (or sometimes quite long) pauses in the game whilst data is shifted about.  Ubuntu/Wine did not have this issue for me.  This to me is a major advantage of running WOW in Linux, and make (even with the minor glitches listed below) in my opinion the better platform to run WOW on.

Problems/Issues – And how to get around them!

This is not a list of “global” issues and their fixes.  These are the issues that I have come across on my rig, and how Ive got around them.  You may have a perfect experience, or you may have a worse one.  Without testing every distro on a variety of rigs I cannot say what you will/will not come across when playing this game on your system.  That being said WOW on Wine has generally had a great response on the Net, so I think its a safe bet that you will be in for a treat!

*EDIT* I have now removed all the issues as they have been fixed.

1. Simply go into the WTF folder contained within the Lich King directory, edit the file “config.wtf” by putting the following command into the script.  That solved all my issues, however you can visit this excellent link here for more fixes.

SET gxApi "opengl"

So as you can see, there is very little grief in getting a popular Windows game working in Ubuntu.  I hope wouldbe Linux users take note that dispite what Windows “experts” may say, you do not need to drop into the commandline all the time, and Linux is not some complex system used only by techno wizards!

Why not try out WOW for free?  At the moment they are offering 10 days free trial (no obligation)

World of Warcraft

and to visit the home of Wine for the latest stable release, click here!


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