NEWS: MICROSOFT SEA DRAGON – Whats Microsoft saying?

iesIt seems to me that Microsoft is admitting defeat in the mobile OS battle.  It has released its first IPHONE app called Sea Dragon, a utility to view images.  Well I dont know about anyone else, but Im impressed.

A very interesting article has been written on Microsofts “Sea Dragon” at Information Week where they say “The move would appear to indicate that Redmond has finally acknowledged the iPhone’s market dominance.”

IMO Microsoft believes it is “flogging a dead horse” with Windows Mobile and now seeks instead to get penetration onto a successful and popular mobile platform.

Dont times change eh?  We see MS putting its packages onto MAC, and now they’ve moved onto the phones.  Is MS’s future developing software for more sucessful and loved platforms? Time will tell.

In my opinion it goes deeper than MS playing second fiddle to Apple.  Lets look at our beloved Linux.  Its been said that MS doesnt like competing with the Linux platform since there are so many distros and people involved.  MS likes “one neck to throttle” and with Linux there are so many, where does a MS begin?

MS (IMO) cant admit defeat on the Linux platform, so I believe here it goes through 3rd parties to infect Linux with its wares.  It achieves this (IMO) by using companies like Novell (nicely sponsoring MONO et al) and Sun Systems, so that it can move its wares onto your machines without directly admitting it.

Can anyone imagine what would happen if MS just came forward and offered a Linux version of MS Office?  Would anyone buy it? I dont believe they would.  Open Office is a big part of the Linux community and the ethos of free and open software is (IMO) so alien to MS that the two could never co-exist.

Over on Edible Apple, they are reporting “By focusing its efforts on getting Windows Mobile on as many devices as possible, Microsoft sold itself short and didn’t devote enough time and energy to make sure that it even had a worthy mobile OS.” – and speaking personally here as a WM user on the MDA Mail, I completely agree.

The link is an interesting article on Apple topping WM sales.  Do we really need any news on this though? Isnt it common knowledge? or obvious to anyone who had even the slightest interest in the mobile market?  Anyway, Edible Apple is a very good site, and I suggest you check it out.  As more people move away from the Windows Platform, I think you will find Apple and Linux unwitting allies in the battle to bring down the bloat dominance of Microsoft. (IMO)


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