REVIEW: CHILDSPLAY – An educational suite for younger people.

sm2-mainIts been a while since we took a look at a review.    We’ve all been very busy laughing and exposing Microsoft, its shown in the hits aswel, because in oct/nov I was averaging 28 hits a day 😦 and for December we are looking at 80+ 🙂

Its clear to me (especially after the kind emails Ive recieved) that Lord of the Shills (LOTS) is popular.  An internet stalker tried to imply we take it very seriously, we dont, its a tongue in cheek way of exposing the pro MS liars.  A little comedy with a serious message.

Oh, where was I? Yep on to the review.

Childsplay is a educational set of games that is not only available on the Linux platform, but Windows and Mac aswell.    So what type of games does it have?  Games like Packid where it encourages spelling, maze solving and Pacman all in one.  The tradition memory games are also included (which I may add are fun even for adults!!!) timestable testing, slide puzzles, sound memory games, and much more.

tttttfallinglettersMy favorite game in the package has to be Pacman, and I did actually have a few goes at this!  The memory games also provide entertainment and get more challenging as the levels progress.

The software is written with Python, and does not require high specs as the games are 2d affairs, and use the keyboard/mouse for input.

The quality of the games is good, however they are (IMO) needing a little polish here and there, for the true “pro” look.  The content though, which is the most important thing here is great, children will have fun and its a great way to entertain the kids, safe in the knowledge that they are actually learning something at the same time.

The current release of this software is 0.90, so I expect there is much more to come!  It appears that Childsplay will be superseded by Schoolsplay. which I believe is based off some of the Childsplay code.  See the link below for the Schoolsplay site.

75% – Good content, educational and entertaining, all its needs is a little work on some of the presentation and you have a cracking package!

To visit the official site and download, click here!

It is understood that development in the future will continue under the Schoolsplay banner.  Click here to go the the Schoolsplay site!


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