NEWS: VISTA IS LOVED! – We’ve got it all wrong!

If Steve Ballmer ever decides he's had enough of Microsoft, maybe he should audition for the band KISS?

Or/ Welcome to MS Land, where trees are made of candy, Ballmer is dressed like Willy Wonka and everyone loves Vista.

Just a “shorty”

We’ve covered the problems of Vista so many times we dont need to go over old ground.  So Id just like you to take a look at an article which is reporting that Microsoft states 9/10 Vista users are happy. Please click here to read it.

Right? Finished? Now use the search engine of your choice and search for Vista, check out a few of the forums.  Does it look it you that 9/10 users are happy?  IMO it doesnt even look like 2/10 are, but as always I’ll leave you to make your own mind up.

I dont need to argue the point any further.  The truth is blatantly obvious to anyone who uses a PC and Google.

Whilst we are on the light hearted subject of Ballmer dressing like Willy Wonka in MS land, an observant user on Microsoft Watch noticed a disturbing similarity between Ballmer and Frankenstiens monster.  The most coincidental thing here is that the monster that looks very similar to Ballmer (IMO) is being cuddled by the actor who actually did play Willy Wonka.  Spooky eh?

And on a final note, which probably wont mean much to anyone but Mr Michaels 😉 , this ones for you son.

"Father, why dont people love Vista as much as I do?"
"Father, why dont people love Vista as much as I do?"

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