Over on the blog of Helios there has been an update in regards to the incident reported yesterday.  Click here

It appears the teacher in question has researched and realized her mistake.    Now whilst the original post she made angered many (including myself) the fact that she’s admitted to what we all are guilty of (jumping to conclusions) seems to have settled the matter.

After reading the update on the blog, I am pleased the teacher in question has not been named and shamed (despite my original post yesterday)  I think the open source community is so passionate in what it believes in that we too can be guilty of “jumping in with both feet”  Certainly for me, my anger at the teachers comments disappeared when hearing her response.

Hearing about her reasons for confiscating the disks, I can now fully understand and support.  She did not know what was on them, and since the welfare of our children is the most important thing, I fully support her for taking the precautionary measure of taking the disks.

Another point I considered after reading this, was that at the end of the day, although she misunderstood Linux, her wrong beliefs were in the spirit of protecting children to what she believed was possible wrong doing.  The fact that it wasnt is academic and looking back I would hope any teacher would go on the side of caution if there was something they were not sure about.

The teacher in question should not suffer any further exposure (IMO) and maybe (after her comments in the update) we might be welcoming a new member to the open source community!



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  1. One way or another, the majority of us have been, more or less in the same situation for different reasons. Sometimes it’s a matter of not being fully informed and at others just plain ‘shooting from the hip-knee jerk reaction’. Looking at the other person’s situation and position we need to have tolerance and patience to carefully construct a positive reaction.

    No one comes into existence with ‘prior knowledge’. Just basic instinct of survival (worst yet, survival instincts in humans are very weak). No one is born or are perfect. This is a perpetual endeavor.

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