It appears the fictional stupidity of Mr Garisson is not so fictional at one particular school
It appears the fictional stupidity of Mr Garisson is not so fictional at one particular school

Or: Ignorant teachers are holding back our children

This is slightly old news now, but I wanted to give my take on this topic.  I would have done so sooner, except that I didnt discover the article until late in the evening the other day after a particularly long (and probably unhealthy) stint on an online RPG.

Over at the Blog of Helios he reports he has recieved an email from a teacher at a as of yet unnamed school, complaining at the fact that he’s given out livecd’s to a student, who has then proceeded to demostrate Linux to their peers and give out the aforementioned disks.

Now the teacher has confiscated the disks, and has some very unique (and wrong) views about what Linux is.  Here are some of the comments she made:

I am not sure what you are doing is legal. No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful. These children look up to adults for guidance and discipline. I will research this as time allows and I want to assure you, if you are doing anything illegal, I will pursue charges as the law allows.”

I admire your attempts in getting computers in the hands of disadvantaged people but putting linux on these machines is holding our kids back.”

“I am sure if you contacted Microsoft, they would be more than happy to supply you with copies of an older verison of Windows and that way, your computers would actually be of service to those receiving them…”

Dont use Linux.  Linux is bad mmmkay?
Dont use Linux. Linux is bad mmmkay?

So this teacher, “Karen” has some unique views on Linux.  Is this what we want teaching our children?  In an age where games such as GTA 4 are being sort after by young people, is she really saying championing Linux is bad?  I really hope that this teacher is named and shamed.  This type of stupidity, especially in someone we trust with the education of our children, needs to be challenged.  I look forward to seeing the update to this story on Helio’s blog, and urge you all to read the full article there.

I hope there will be plenty of people who email their opinions to the school in question when it is finally named, and at the very least a written appology from the teacher concerned should be expected, as well as an appology to the student concerned.



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