NEWS: FACEBOOK EXPLOIT – Guess whos the target?

It seems our Lord of the Shills this week couldnt have made a more poorly timed comment of:

“Vista introduced huge improvements to how users kept their personal data secure.” Andre Da Costa 25/11/08 Andre’s Blog

as it is being reported that there is a new exploit being aimed at Facebook users, more specifically Windows Facebook users, (Linux/Mac need not worry, just sit smugly and read!)

Named Koobface the worm will infect their machine as they click on a link on their profile.  Once the infection has taken hold of the victims PC it then posts comments on friends profiles on the infected machine, encouraging them to look at a fake youtube site which tries to convince them to download an “adobe upgrade” once this has occurred the worm will try to redirect traffic in order to recieve money from the redirects.

Facebook are actively fixing this issue now.  Another example to consider how secure are you in reality when using Windows?

The following networking sites are reported to be the targets: Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, Friendster, Myyearbook and Blackplanet.

A more complete article can be found on the Guardian website, by clicking here


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