NEWS: China starts to push out Windows!

Nanchang - Dumping Windows in favour of Red Flag!
Nanchang - Dumping Windows in favour of Red Flag!

Reports on the Net suggest China is replacing Windows in its Internet Cafes with a proprietary Linux distro.

Cafe’s in the city of Nanchang are being ordered by the authorities to replace Windows with Red Flag Linux and even if their copy of Windows is legal and paid for!  Now whilst there are concerns that this distro could be some form of governmental spy tool, it doesnt help the Microsoft image to have another country declare its independence from Microsofts products.

It is claimed that the adoption of Red Flag is due to it being able to handle the high demands of users and the fact that it is more secure in regards to virus attack.

So whats the Goblin view on this?  IMO the migration away from Windows is a good thing, however I do have reservations about a proprietary Linux distro that COULD be used for more sinister and underhanded purposes.   The one good thing to come out of it may be that people get to experience Linux instead of Windows and encourage them to look into their own Linux flavour after visiting a site such as


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  1. It’s one thing to embarrass western (European & North American) politicians, their citizens and get away without any repercussions. Quite another to do it against Asian culture.

    The “black nag screen” Microsoft used against the citizens of China concerning the so-called illegal version of XP, was IIRC, without any of the current leadership’s consent or knowledge, in essence, making them lose face.

    So how to repair that act of trying to squeeze revenue from a 8 yr. old program. Can you pay off the Chinese leadership and the people affected? They’ll take the MS money, but, they’re also going to “save face”, no matter what it takes.

    To any action there is a reaction. Western culture is different than Eastern. Sure, MS & its apologists can be flippant an say, “They’re just as corrupt as anyone else” or “They’ll get over it”; fool yourself, go to bed singing that lullaby.

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